How Your Facility Can Succeed with Group Training

For Gym Operators

How Your Facility Can Succeed with Group Training

Group training is on the rise, nearing the top of the annual list from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) regarding fitness trends for 2017. This style of training features a motivating coach leading exercisers of different fitness levels through thoughtfully designed classes, helping them to achieve their fitness goals.

To be successful, group training must offer exercisers:

  • A personalized experience. Is each exerciser getting the necessary attention and coaching they seek to meet their fitness goals? Do you have the right staff for the job?
  • An authentic, social experience that conveys a “cool factor”. How does your group training stand apart from the other options in the neighborhood? Are camaraderie and a strong bond present amongst your paying members?
  • A specialized, results-driven program with an easy-to-understand value proposition. How can you show members that their investment in group training is paying off?
  • A convenient approach. Exercisers want transparency into training prices without feeling like it’s too much hassle to sign up for or cancel a class.

Here are more key factors to keep in mind when designing group training for your facility.

Offer Adaptable Products

Products such as free weights, functional straps (like our Superfunctional that pairs with Queenax™ for suspension fitness training), and accessories such as medicine balls, BOSU® balls, and foam rollers are perfect for group training. Not only are they easy to store and take up minimal space, they also can be used in a variety of ways. One more bonus about these products is that they are future-proof, meaning they can be used for many years to come and are able to easily adapt to new training trends. Mix and match these products throughout your group training sessions to create unique workouts that keep exercisers engaged and achieving the results they want.

Add Programming to Increase Value

For your group training to be successful, exercisers need to feel that they are getting their money’s worth with quality coaching and oversight from the trainer. One surefire way to demonstrate value is by incorporating programming. When your trainers are educated with the knowledge to deliver specific courses or themed workouts in the group training environment, your exercisers will reap the rewards.

Take Advantage of Your Open Floor Space

Preserve the open space in your facility by making it versatile. Using minimal amounts of equipment, you can achieve a plethora of training goals. Many group exercise products are designed to be easily movable – even the larger cardio equipment. When not being used for a group training session, simply tuck motorless treadmills or bikes along a wall, or to a place where it’s easy for other exercisers to access them. Smaller pieces of strength training equipment or recovery tools can be stored in a closet to keep floor space clear when group training isn’t in session.

Get With the HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), another high performer in the ACSM’s list of top fitness trends, pairs well with group training. HIIT can be done in a group training environment using cardio products like our  TRM 731 Interval Treadmill or the Assault AirRunner or AirBike Elite. This equipment is designed for short bursts of high-intensity activity followed by a period of rest. It’s intuitive, meaning that the exerciser can get started on their workout right away by simply pressing a button or two. These cardio options also complement HIIT with strength equipment, creating the potential for a powerful training session.

Whatever your needs or challenges, Precor can provide the perfect solution.

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