Meet Our New Elliptical: The Experience™ Series EFX®

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Meet Our New Elliptical: The Experience™ Series EFX®

We are thrilled to announce the introduction of our newest Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer™ (EFX®), the Experience™ Series EFX with Converging CrossRamp®.

Over the past three years we’ve talked with gym operators and exercisers to find out what would make our well-known ellipticals even better. The valuable feedback we received from them defined the design and development of our fifth generation of the Precor elliptical family, the EFX with Converging CrossRamp.

This bold new elliptical redefines our cardio blueprint - watch this video to see how, and read on to learn about the features that make our new EFX with Converging CrossRamp so unique.

Introducing the New EFX




Converging CrossRamp




This feature brings exciting new innovation to our patented elliptical feel that has been loved by many for over 20 years. Our research has shown that the new converging motion of the foot pedals more closely mimics the running motion, resulting in an elliptical movement that is more natural and reduces knee flexion and the overall range of motion.




As an added bonus, our adjustable CrossRamp responds twice as fast to changes in ramp angle. The CrossRamp will even return back to Level One at the end of a workout, making it easier for the next user to get on and go.




Improved Serviceability




The new EFX design is optimized to improve the experience for operators and servicers. It’s easy to access the mechanical components of our latest EFX – all you need is a Philips screwdriver and your own two hands. It takes under two minutes to access the mechanical components, cutting down on the time it takes to work on equipment.




Another great benefit of the EFX with Converging CrossRamp is that the rear drive housing and CrossRamp are now enclosed, keeping them clean and protected from dirt, dust, and sweat.




Active Status Light™




Has your gym staff ever wondered about the operating conditions of your cardio equipment? Worry no more – our Active Status Light, externally located at the base of the elliptical, gives you the ability to identify and address maintenance issues at-a-glance so that your ellipticals can get back to working condition quickly. This is the same Active Status Light found on our Experience™ Series treadmills, which has been a hit with gym operators so far.




Facility operators, what does all this mean for you?




When you combine all of these features together, you get the superb benefit of reliable equipment which can lead to increased uptime and happy exercisers.




The less time your equipment is down due to technical issues, the more time your exercisers can spend working out. The more time they spend in your gym, the more likely they are to stay members at your facility. Makes sense, right?




Our research backs up these facts. Check out our infographic to learn how our EFX with Converging CrossRamp can boost uptime, and therefore, retention, in your facility.




As the innovators of the elliptical category, we are proud of our heritage and reputation that we’ve garnered throughout the years. Join us in making this new elliptical our best one yet! Learn more here.