What Types of Equipment Should You Get For Your Hospitality Fitness Amenity?

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What Types of Equipment Should You Get For Your Hospitality Fitness Amenity?

When planning a fitness room for your business, it’s hard to know what kinds of equipment you should invest in. Based on our experiences and research in the hospitality industry, we’ve established a successful ratio of how you should split up the pieces in your fitness amenity.

What's the ratio of equipment?

60% of your gym should be made up of cardio equipment, strength machines should take up 20%, and last, core activities should round the facility out at 20%.

What do these categories include?

Cardio equipment is a staple in any fitness room. Treadmills, ellipticals, Adaptive Motion Trainers (AMTs), and bikes are all mainstays that people have come to expect from a gym, so you need to provide these.

Flexible strength equipment includes items such as dumbbells, dual-exercise machines, and functional training cable machines like our FTS Glide. These versatile pieces will allow for a wide range of users to meet their diverse training goals.

Core activities broadly include stability balls, medicine balls, suspension straps, and mats. Essential to any workout, these items help users meet their fitness and health targets.

Download our free guide to see examples of how you can arrange your property’s fitness room:

Need help planning out your fitness room? Use our online space planning tool to design your fitness room – it takes into account your facility’s unique dimensions, and the dimensions of all of our Precor equipment.

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