Why You Should Invest in Training and Education for Your Facility

For Gym Operators

Why You Should Invest in Training and Education for Your Facility

These days, exercisers are seeking exceptional fitness experiences. With so many fitness options available to them – specialised studios, low-cost clubs, high-end facilities, or even the great outdoors – they are bound to turn to the option that is most welcoming and accommodating to them.

One of the largest factors today’s exercisers take into consideration when deciding on a gym is its staff. Are they knowledgeable, well-trained, and engaging? Are the trainers committed to helping members achieve their fitness goals? Will the staff inspire and motivate members to reach their greatest potential?

Your staff is one of the most vital components that can create the difference between an ‘average’ experience and an outstanding one[1]. Learn more about the importance of investing in education for your trainers.

Customised Program Offerings to Fit your Members

A true benefit of investing in education is having the ability to customise course offerings for your staff that align with what your facility’s members are seeking.

The key in maximising your investment is pinpointing the specific programs that are in high demand among your members and staff that can ultimately provide the most revenue generation. By hand-selecting these courses you are able to hone in on the trends that are projected to work the best within your space.

“Trainers should explore and implement the training members want rather than focusing on increasing the number of members who join personal training,” a speaker at IHRSA noted[2]. “An effective personal training model is client-centric exploring a range of solutions or programs placing the consumer in control of their unique fitness needs.”

In order to gauge which programs members are interested in, consider conducting a survey, either through papers at the front desk or digitally through email or social media. You can also train your staff to speak with members and find out what kinds of courses they are looking for and would be willing to participate in or pay for at your gym.

Offering your Staff Continuing Education Opportunities

Continuing education courses for your staff not only provide your team with new skills and tools to deliver top notch training experiences for members, but they also open up the opportunity for team building. Often times in fast-paced training environments, it can be difficult to set aside time for building camaraderie for strong team dynamic.

By allowing your trainers to work together, you open up a wealth of potential for building high value content and programming that will inspire your members with the most relevant fitness trends for your facility. 

Highlight your Existing Equipment Portfolio

Your gym is already full of great equipment that you’ve spent a pretty penny on. Make the most of those assets – whether cardio, strength machines, or functional training units – by ensuring that your trainers are fully conscious of the opportunities these assets present. For example, have you thought of holding trainer-led classes on cardio machines? Or has your training team explored the full range of possibilities when it comes to leading training classes on your functional fitness equipment in several settings: one-on-one personal training, duos or trios, small group sessions, or larger group classes?

Investing in the proper education for your trainers to be up-to-date on your existing equipment will not only enhance your trainers’ knowledge of your product portfolio, but will also help your members of all fitness abilities to be more aware of the opportunities they have within your gym.

Well-Trained Staff Create Higher Retention

A survey conducted by The Retention People echoes the importance of connecting with members to create a sense of culture and friendship within your facility. What makes members happy is when fitness and reception staff engage with them, when they receive encouragement from fitness staff, and when they make friends. Along with this strong culture comes a reduced risk of member cancellation by 40 percent.[3]

Understanding how different groups of members interact with your facility is beneficial in increasing retention. By having staff who are well-trained in not only your equipment and various training environments but also in engaging with members, you’ll see better results in your club.

In the end, it boils down to your facility’s members. By investing in your members, they’ll invest in you.

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