UBK 835 Upright Bike Experience™ Series

UBK 835

Upright Bike

Looking for a low-impact cardio workout, or starting a fitness program? The UBK 835 Upright Bike is an excellent choice. It is the exact same commercial bike used in fitness centers worldwide, with a variety of programs, features and custom-designed handlebars to make your ride more comfortable.

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Beautiful machine but mechanically flawed

Reviewer: Homebuyer

Posted: 11-08-30

This bike is attractive, feels solid to sit on, and has a great display / computer. But the bike clicks once on every stride at the same point in the stride every time. This only happens if you turn up the resistance level - but for me that's important. I tried this bike in the store and agreed to order one despite the fact that the floor model in the store had this single click every turn of the pedals. I figured this was simply a malfunction of that particular bike, and made the mistake of ordering one. The one I had delivered to my home had the exact same click - on the left side pedal - that you can feel and hear on every turn. It drives me absolutely crazy. My other Precor products are absolutely awesome, and I very much recommend this company. But I don't recommend this bike. I'm not sure how this could make into the Precor product line without someone noticing this.

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