S3.23 Functional Trainer


Functional Trainer

Complement your cardio program and get more from strength training. Functional Training is more applicable to the everyday movements of your body and sports-specific training. The S3.23 Functional Trainer offers multiple upper- and lower-body exercises and engages your core, all in a compact footprint.

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Re: S3.23 Functional Trainer

Reviewer: allintime

Posted: 10-12-22

The love of exercise and the time I spent to go to a gym made the decision to purchase the 3.23 an easy one. I'm not too familiar with functional trainers since free weights have always been comfortable for me, but know the Precor (treadmills) quality enough to do the online purchase "sight unseen". I was not home for delivery and set up, but my wife says the process went smooth and tidy. They even hauled away the packaging! We've been using it for about 6 weeks now. As far as it's quality and performance goes, let me first say that I am known as cynical/critical when it comes to any product - especially those that are not inexpensive. So I think it's only fair to give praise to those products that genuinely impress me. The 3.23 does that. Very durable overall. It's moving parts are quiet. As a tall guy I was a bit concerned about the mobility/freedom it would allow me but haven't had a problem yet. Lots of versatility and lots of cable length for lunges and pulls. The more I've used it the more the possibilities seem endless. At the risk of sounding corny I must add that I really find it fun to use. The only two things of concern are the set up guys not putting the numeric weight decals on the weights saying that they would easily peel off anyway, and the sharpness / pointiness of the clasping hooks at the ends of the cables.

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