• Buying from unauthorized dealers affects your consumer rights

    Precor stands behind our products. We want to help you achieve your fitness goals. We strive to provide quality products, exceptional customer service, and a warranty that protects your investment in the event your product should encounter specific issues.

  • Planning Icons

    Download drawing files of our products to use for custom designing in multiple applications.

  • How to use Precor equipment

    Here you'll find a collection of workouts of varying intensity, each designed to help you attain fitness objectives such as cardio fitness, weight loss, increased flexibility and conditioning for other sports.

  • What to look for in an elliptical trainer

    Elliptical training combines the best of stair climbing, cross country skiing and running in a low impact, variety rich workout.

  • Learn how to shop for strength equipment

    Individuals are finding that strength training is critical for almost every goal, from injury prevention and post rehabilitation to weight loss and better sports performance.

  • What to look for in a treadmill

    Treadmills are functional, easy to use, and when used correctly, provide an ideal way to burn calories, manage weight and strengthen, and enhance your cardiovascular system.