Getting to Know Queenax

Acquiring a leading fitness company like Queenax is exciting and we know you might have questions surrounding the acquisition. Below are answers to a few frequently asked questions about Queenax and Precor. For additional information, keep reading!

Precor is excited to add Queenax, a global leader in functional training, to our platform of comprehensive fitness solutions. Below are answers to a few frequently asked questions about the acquisition and the future of Queenax as a Precor brand.

Why is Precor Acquiring Queenax?

Over the past few years, Precor has made a substantial investment in becoming a leader in the strength equipment space. Furthermore, as exerciser demand for functional training has increased, a growing number of our customers have expressed a desire for a functional training offering. Acquiring Queenax is an important step in further establishing Precor as a leading fitness industry company that offers the best comprehensive fitness solutions on the market.

What is Queenax?

Queenax is headquartered in Italy and specializes in modular, adaptive, multi-function training equipment. Queenax modular equipment is customizable and accommodates a variety of training modalities, enabling operators and exercisers to tailor their workout spaces and workouts to their specific needs. Over the past four years, Queenax has become a global leader within the functional training space.
For more information, visit our Queenax page and review the press release.

What makes Queenax different from other functional training solutions?

There are four key differentiation points:

  1. Visually Unique — Attention-grabbing appearance helps operators attract current and prospective members. Its compact design does not interfere with other gym activities.
  2. Maximizes Space — Gives operators the ability to multiply their gym spaces. Conventional gym configurations only allow for floor use, but Queenax gives operators the unique ability to utilize wall and overhead space.
  3. Modular/Flexible — Adapts to a variety of facility spaces and gives operators flexibility in the event that they want to adjust their spaces in the future. Gives exercisers and trainers the ability to pursue a variety of training options and modalities.
  4. Organized Storage — Helps operators keep spaces organized, which is helpful to personal trainers and a key differentiator when it comes to attracting and retaining members.

What is functional training and how does it win with operators?

Functional training is training for life. It involves performing integrative movements that enhance an individual’s performance in daily life or sport. Functional movement patterns develop coordination, strength, core and mobility, and engage exercisers by regularly varying the training tools and environment to produce results.

Functional training is one of the fastest growing activities across a variety of fitness facilities; according to the “Worldwide Survey on Fitness Trends in 2014” published by the ACSM Journal, functional fitness and group training are among the top ten trends for 2015.

There are a variety of operator benefits that come from offering functional training options. First, functional training fosters one-on-one interaction between personal trainers and members, which is critical to increasing a facility’s member engagement, retention and attraction. In addition, functional training can be incorporated into a variety of class formats, giving operators the opportunity to generate secondary revenue streams. For instance, personal trainers can offer functional training as part of their one on one sessions, or functional training can be featured as part of large and small group classes.

How will this acquisition benefit Precor?

Win in Big Categories— Functional strength is growing quickly in popularity among exercisers and operators and now Precor offers the best solution in this category. The acquisition allowed us to enter the category with a proven solution while continuing our R&D investments in other categories.

In addition, main competitors to Precor have functional training solutions in the market (Life Fitness, Matrix, Technogym, Hoist), so adding Queenax to our range of products will better position Precor to compete against these companies in the functional training space.

How will Precor sell Queenax products?

What makes the addition of Queenax to our portfolio so attractive is that it can be sold to our existing customer segments through our existing go-to-market organization. Queenax is a bolt-on to the Precor portfolio. The U.S. team started selling Queenax following IHRSA under a distribution agreement. They will continue as-is. In other markets we will sell through a combination of the Precor distribution network and the Queenax distribution network while we transition to a new, combined organization. Details vary by country.

How will we integrate Queenax with Precor?

Queenax was a stand-alone company, owned and managed by CEO Gionata D’Alesio. Now all 14 members of the Queenax team are Amer Sports and Precor employees. Gionata will lead our efforts in growing this category as Global Sales Director. He reports to Jack Trummer, Vice President of Sales – Americas & APAC.

Current members of the Precor team are already working with our new team members in Italy on integration work from linking computer systems to drafting new supplier agreements with the vendors who supply parts for Queenax products to coordinating social media campaigns. Full integration of the Queenax team members, processes, and products into the Precor organization will take several months.