3 Surprising Ways to Enjoy an Active Spring

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3 Surprising Ways to Enjoy an Active Spring

If you’re looking to get more active, fitness equipment is a great way to start, whether you’re hitting the gym or using equipment in your home. However, there are plenty of other activities and lifestyle adjustments you can make between workouts to maximize your ongoing health routine. With the warmer months here, it’s even easier to engage in some of these now.

If you are feeling energized now that spring has sprung, but you’re not sure exactly how to enjoy the weather and improve your overall wellness, you’re not alone. Many people find themselves getting bored with walking around the block and jogging the same route each day.

The good news is, there are several ways to enjoy an active spring. Read on to discover some of the more surprising ways to do so below, to help you make the most of the beautiful weather.

1. Become a Dog Walker

If you love dogs but can’t have one of your own because your landlord does not allow you to have pets, you should consider becoming a dog walker. Not only will you get to spend time with some four-legged friends, but you will be more active outdoors and make extra cash at the same time. Being a dog walker is an ideal job for people who have some spare free time or for stay-at-home parents.

When you begin walking dogs, you can set your own schedule and rates. You also will decide which clients to accept. You can hang flyers around your neighborhood and try to find work that way, but it is much easier and more convenient to use a site like Rover.com, Wag, or Care.com. These sites help you find people in your area who need dog walkers and allow you to schedule walks, receive payments, and learn more about potential clients.

2. Coach a Youth Sports Team

Whether you have children of your own or want to coach a local youth sports team because you want to work with kids and serve your community, coaching a youth sports team is an ideal way to enjoy an active spring. When you become a coach, you will learn more about yourself than you probably think possible, and you’ll have the opportunity to guide kids and become a role model for them. You’ll also have the chance to teach kids about sportsmanship, responsibilities, teamwork, and integrity. You’ll become a better listener and help kids become more confident and strong.

Of course, you’ll also reap the benefits of becoming more active and increasing your physical fitness. Coaches often lead their players in stretching, strength training, and increasing endurance. You’ll be running, jumping, catching, throwing, and moving a great deal more than if you sit on your couch and watch sporting events on television throughout the spring.

3. Visit Farmers Markets

Many communities hold local farmers markets throughout the week once spring begins. Typically held outdoors, these farmers markets range in size and often offer seasonal fruits and vegetables, homemade jellies and jams, and other fresh treats. By visiting farmers markets, you will get the benefit of walking around outside and choosing the items you need to make nutritious, delicious meals at home each week. You also will enjoy knowing that you are supporting local families and the local economy rather than huge corporations. You will know the people who grow your food, and you will have an opportunity to ask them about the methods they use for growing the food you eat and serve to your family.

Good nutrition does a world of good for our bodies from delivering the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients we need, to flushing our bodies of toxins. For people who have health issues, fresh fruits and veggies can boost the immune system and improve your overall well-being. Similarly, people who are in addiction recovery benefit from eating fresh fruits and vegetables because a healthy balanced diet balances blood sugar and curbs cravings. Proper nutrition also boosts serotonin levels to improve your mood and overall feelings of wellness.

When the weather becomes pleasant, take advantage of it. You will enjoy a much more active and healthy spring if you become a dog walker, coach a youth sports team, and visit a local farmers market.

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