The 7th Year – What’s the Hesitation?

For Gym Operators

The 7th Year – What’s the Hesitation?

A critical component to any workout routine is to avoid the dreaded fitness plateau. This is just as critical for a fitness facility. If you’ve held onto your cardio equipment for seven years, will your exercisers think you’ve plateaued? If you’re not changing things up, there’s a high chance you’re staying static, and in this always-changing environment, you’re quickly falling behind.

Consider your smartphone or computer – how much have those changed in seven years? Here’s the reality for your seven-year-old cardio equipment: it’s out of date. Even if you’ve maintained it well and kept up on service, the technology will be far behind what’s currently on the market.

This discussion isn’t only about technology, though. Let’s take a look at how your outdated equipment is impacting your staff and your exercisers. Then we’ll come back around to talk about the status of your equipment.

FOR YOUR STAFF: Making the Most Out of Outdated Equipment
The most important way to keep your staff excited about outdated equipment is to encourage them to change up the routine. Make sure they’re not doing the ‘same old same old.’ This goes back to the ‘plateauing’ concept we talked about earlier – by continually changing workouts, researching new techniques and finding new approaches, your staff will stay motivated, even if they’re not using the best equipment available.

If you have a Queenax functional training system, while it may be able to withstand a few more years, the education and the resources for the system are continually growing, especially for your staff. Utilize the Precor Coaching Center or bring a Precor Master Coach back into your facility to retrain your staff on how to use the system to the best of its ability.

FOR YOUR EXERCISERS: Staying at the Top
With seven-year-old equipment, there is a chance your members will be wondering whether you’re still at the cutting edge of fitness. In the ever-changing fitness world, the ‘newest thing’ is quickly outstripped by the ‘newest newest thing.’ More and more fitness equipment manufacturers are releasing and updating their models to keep up with the vast technological changes in the software and hardware of their equipment. Ultimately, all of these changes are feeding the needs and wants of exercisers.

Are your exercisers’ needs being met with cardio equipment that’s seven years old? If you can wholeheartedly say ‘yes,’ then we encourage you to go to the Precor Coaching Center to get fresh ideas on how to keep your members motivated with your current system. Remember, it all comes down to the exerciser – are they satisfied enough to continue utilizing your facility?

What if your answer to the above question (‘are your exercisers’ needs met with cardio equipment that’s seven years old?) isn’t quite so confident? Then ask yourself a few additional questions:

  • What am I losing if I don’t upgrade?
  • Is your member retention struggling?
  • Are you having a hard time attracting new exercisers? Or keeping staff?
  • Are your competitors taking your business because they have the latest equipment on the market?

Not all of your equipment is completely outdated. Strength equipment reaches its peak residual value at seven years. There may be some visible wear and tear (upholstery and padding thinning, decals peeling, etc.), but this may be the optimal time to consider replacing your strength equipment as well as your cardio equipment.

This far into your equipment investment, it is important to consider whether it’s time for an upgrade. At this point, all arrows are pointing to the fact that it is indeed time for an upgrade. Your service agreements and manufacturer warranties have expired. Regardless of the level of maintenance you’ve kept on your equipment, the machines are showing their age, whether mechanically or aesthetically. Both your staff and your members are starting to see the difference between your equipment and that of the competitor down the road. Consider what’s best for your business, your exercisers, and your staff.

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