How Fitness Consumers Are Driving Industry Change Like Never Before

For Gym Operators

How Fitness Consumers Are Driving Industry Change Like Never Before

In the roughly 30 years of the modern health club era, the mid-market club has reigned supreme. For consumers, getting fit meant joining a traditional health club as a one-stop-shop where they got all of their fitness needs met. Sure they might also have some home exercise DVDs and run outdoors, but the central focus was always the health club.

The fitness consumer of today has changed. Health and wellness are no longer discretionary activities but rather a core part of their very identity. They wear yoga pants, running shoes and a Fitbit® everywhere they go as symbols of their active lifestyle. They no longer accept bland or boring experiences and are willing to pay for craft experiences which provide deeper benefits of community, high personalization, and for some a cult-like sense of purpose and belonging. It’s not about losing weight or getting fit – it’s about connecting with a purpose and strengthening their sense of self.

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