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Precor & The Fitness Business Podcast

We are proud to sponsor The Fitness Business Podcast, the top podcast to help any size and variety of business in the fitness industry grow. This weekly podcast features interviews with fitness industry experts, gym owners, personal trainers, and more, to give you strategies, insights, and ideas to help you better achieve your goals.

Below, we’ve highlighted a few segments from The Fitness Business Podcast which speak to important product updates from Precor, along with case studies from gyms that have successfully implemented Precor equipment within their facilities. Have a listen!

Jeff Bartee, Principle Product Manager at Precor, talks about the new Preva 7.0 software release for Precor networked fitness consoles. The new software aligns with our tagline of “Fitness Made Personal”. It allows users to do one single sign-on to access their Preva account for fitness goal tracking, in addition to accessing their favorite entertainment apps. The update also features RunTV – virtual, interactive courses where exercisers can run through beach and forest scenes.

Zsolt Jackovics, owner and founder of Fitness SF, discusses why it's important to have the right cardio mix in your gym, what gym owners and operators need to make their facility a hit with members, and why Precor cardio equipment has consistently been the right option for Fitness SF. Fitness SF has 7 locations within the San Francisco Bay Area.

Ken Davies, CEO and owner of City Fitness in Philadelphia, speaks about how Precor equipment has made a difference in his facilities. Through our P82 networked fitness consoles and cardio, to our strong service and dedication to our customers and exercisers, Ken has improved his facilities' membership retention and sales process.

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