Precor at IDEA World 2017

Commercial Fitness

Precor at IDEA World 2017

We are looking forward to celebrating 35 years of IDEA World in Las Vegas, NV, July 19-23, 2017. Stop by the Precor booth and enter to win a Spinner bike, and participate in a demo as we showcase Spinning®, Queenax™, and our new EFX® with Converging CrossRamp®. Additionally, we are honored to have been chosen to present at one of the most influential events in the fitness industry! 

Please register and join us at one of our conference sessions below:

467: Team-Based Functional Workout Strategies, by Precor® presented by: Tonya Gutch, MS, and Erica Tillinghast, MS

This workshop will explore the heart and soul of partnership through team-based functional and suspension fitness workout challenges. This lecture and workshop session will focus on camaraderie, group engagement, and accountability to both peers and coach. We will begin by exploring exercises that will challenge your mind and refine your athletic and coaching skills. Then we’ll put those skills to work in the Queenax™ Team Zone workout where you will use your athletic abilities to compete with other teams. 

628: Move Better! Play Better! Strategies to Restore Function, by Precor® presented by: Hayley Hollander
This workshop incorporates an array of components to help engage, relax, and re-center our bodies. Learn how to "Restore Up" and "Restore Down" using the Queenax™ Superfunctional™ bar and straps with techniques such as trigger point release, self-massage, dynamic movement integration, warding patterns, and relaxation.

668: Make Your Training Toolbox Work, by Precor® presented by: Mary Edwards, MS, and Tonya Gutch, MS

Your gym’s functional equipment library will only continue to grow… so how do you decide what equipment is appropriate to use, and when you should use suspension fitness vs kettlebells or bodyweight alone? In this session, participants will learn a unique movement classification system to help them logically integrate various equipment offerings into smart and savvy program design. The Queenax™ system will be used to explore movement category and style across a range of different training tools. Participants will work independently and experience a pre-designed workout.

Take a sneak peek at what Precor will be highlighting at the show:

Spinning® Indoor Cycling

We are bringing "power" to the show by unveiling the Spinner® Chrono™ Power indoor cycling bike that features magnetic brakes and power measurement. Power measurement is considered to be the most accurate way to measure personal performance on an indoor cycle bike. Spinner® bikes by Precor feature the reliability, durability, and customer service you expect from Precor, plus the backing of more than 20 years of industry insights, education, and programming from Spinning®.

Queenax Functional Training 

Queenax functional fitness is sweeping the nation – and quite frankly, the world. We will demonstrate how versatile and flexible Queenax can be, whether by delivering personal training, group training, or circuit training. Be sure to stop by the Precor booth for an opportunity to see Queenax in action. Learn more about our Education training and programming that comes free with the purchase of a Queenax functional training unit* by speaking with one of our team members onsite or by clicking here.

Experience™ Series EFX® with Converging CrossRamp®

Have you had the chance to experience our new EFX® with Converging CrossRamp®? This new product combines reliability with a natural converging stride path to give you the perfect elliptical. Carrying on the tradition of Precor reliability and service, the EFX is easy to clean and maintain with a covered ramp and rear drive housing, and the Active Status Light™ - all to improve your ownership experience.  For exercisers, the EFX 885 combines the benefits of our patented CrossRamp® technology and moving handlebars for a total-body workout. 


Networked Fitness

Our world is getting continually more connected, so you will want to follow suit. Keep up with exercisers’ desires to keep track of their fitness goals, catch up with their latest shows, and have state-of-the-art technology at their fingertips. Our P82 console and P62 console with a slightly smaller screen offer just that.

Here is a look at our latest products: