Preva® for Operators: The Proven, Reliable and Growing Solution for Your Business

Preva® for Operators: The Proven, Reliable and Growing Solution for Your Business
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As the operator of a fitness facility, you’re in the market to find a simple and effective method for reaching out to members. You know that holding steady communication with exercisers is beneficial to building a strong, trustful relationship, and that doing so can result in higher profits.

Preva is our unique cloud-based software that meets both exercisers’ and operators’ needs. The Precor solution to networked fitness, Preva can be found on P80 consoles of our Experience Series™ cardio equipment and through the Preva Mobile app, for use on Apple and Android devices.

To find out more about the revolutionary Preva solution, check out the infographic below (and feel free to download it for future reference). Read on to learn more about how our software wins with both members and operators.

What Is Preva Infographic

How Preva Wins With Members

By accessing Preva on-console or via mobile device, facility members are able to set and keep track of their personal fitness targets and progress over time. Personalised and easy to use, Preva stores exercisers’ data and is accessible in the future.

Preva is fun for users, too – the more they exercise, the more they are rewarded with badges that show their physical accomplishments, such as working out for the same amount of time it’d take to climb the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai. Members can share their hard-earned badges with family and friends via social media sites, which lets their friends and family know of their fitness achievements.

Since Preva has been proven to increase exercisers’ motivation, it makes them want to come back to the gym to keep exercising more. On average, those with Preva accounts are 4 times more likely to exercise more often – this correlates to an increase in membership retention on your end.

How Preva Wins With Operators

With Preva, operators are able to gain significant insight on their exercisers.

Using the Preva Asset Manager as a part of the Preva Business Suite gives you access to networked equipment usage data, user trends, and reports. These can then be used to develop strategies to effectively reach out to the members of your facility.

Consider using the on-screen workout messages that Preva can arrange to get the attention of exercisers, or offer special discounts, promotions, or fitness tips. Direct interaction with members helps build that strong, coveted operator/exerciser bond, and can will inevitably help grow and strengthen your business.



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