World’s Top Cycling Destinations

World’s Top Cycling Destinations
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Cycling is a sport enjoyed by all kinds of people from all walks of life. Some pedal into the afternoon sun along country roads because it’s peaceful and calming. Others participate in urban competitive races because it makes them feel alive in a way that nothing else can provide.

No matter which type of cyclist you are, you’ll probably find these top cycling destinations to be irresistible playgrounds for enjoying some private time with your beloved two-wheeled vehicle, according to and

Before making the trip to any of these destinations, do your training needs a favour and prepare with a Precor bike — either an upright or recumbent bike — at your gym. Also, don’t miss out on the great cycling products offered by our Amer Sports partner Mavic.

Isle of Wight – England

Photo courtesy of Flickr user cgranycome.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user cgranycome.

The Isle of Wight has been a popular cycling hotspot for many years now, thanks to the many interesting types of terrain on the island.

Cyclists can expect scenic rides through lush hills, chalky cliffs, green gullies and more. After a long day on wheels, stop by one of the local gastropubs for some tasty grub or a trendy hotel for some much needed shut-eye.

Cape Breton Island – Canada

Cape Breton

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This charming locale features a combination of jagged cliffs, rolling hills, and plenty of awesome wildlife.

A coastline trek would be most fitting for adventurous types who enjoy both thrills and sights. The transparent blue waters of the Bras d’Or inland sea surround the island, and sometimes cyclists get splashed by the white waves that crash upon the rocky coast. Consider visiting during the Celtic Colours festival in October for an even better time.

National Highway 1 – Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

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Feeling adventurous? Travel the entire length of Vietnam by taking this breathtaking coastline path.

You’ll experience all kinds of gorgeous landscapes and seascapes, including majestic mountains covered in pine trees, fertile valleys, expansive rice fields, rural villages, and even the South China Sea. Just be prepared to work those leg muscles on the many hilly stretches. Cycling tours can be organized through the Indochina Trekking Company that serves Vietnam and the surrounding countries.

Moab – USA


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If red sands and desert slickrock are your thing, Moab of Utah is truly a paradise. This arid, rocky environment provides the perfect challenge for thrill-seeking expert cyclists who wish to scale difficult and dangerous cliffs. Unless you’re a true daredevil with years of cycling under your belt, Moab is not highly recommended.



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