What Cardio Machine Is Best for Bad Joints?

What Cardio Machine Is Best for Bad Joints?
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An all-in-one piece of fitness equipment, the Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer® (or AMT® for short) successfully combines the movements of running on a treadmill, working out on a cross trainer, biking, and climbing.

Best of all, the AMT provides a low-impact workout for exercisers, meaning it’s a great option for people with bad joints who have been disappointed by the stress their joints feel from other fitness equipment. That the AMT provides bad joints relief is just one of the reasons it’s the ultimate low-impact cardio machine. Here are three other features you should know about:

  • Open Stride™ – Exercisers are able to adjust their stride height and stride length, giving them the ability to customise their workout like no other piece of cardio equipment allows. For exercisers with bad joints or bad knees, being able to customise for comfort is a major benefit. The stride heights range from 17 to 25 cm and the stride lengths range from 0 to 91 cm.
  • Stride Dial™ – When an exerciser changes his or her stride length, the Stride Dial is instantly updated to reflect how the stride length relates to the muscle groups being worked.
  • Foot pedal benefits – Compared to an activity like running – where an exerciser’s landing impact on the running surface averages 2.5 times their body weight – the AMT’s suspended pedals give users a drastically reduced impact. In fact, the landing impact on the AMT is an average of just 1.1 times the exerciser’s body weight thanks to these suspended pedals.

Learn even more about the AMT and its features at amtfitness.com.



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