New Precor Commercial Treadmills: The Redesigned Experience™ Series

New Precor Commercial Treadmills: The Redesigned Experience™ Series
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For the past three years, we have been gathering extensive valuable insights from operators, exercisers, and service providers alike on the features, technology, and conditions that make for the greatest all-around treadmill experience. We are delighted to announce that we have combined our research to launch the completely redesigned Experience™ Series commercial treadmill line. We are confident that the research-driven design that has been implemented in our newly redesigned Experience™ Series commercial treadmills makes them the best on the market. Here’s why investing in our new treadmills will be advantageous to your fitness facility for many years to come.

Sophisticated Features

Energy Efficiency

The new Experience™ Series treadmills use a 4 HP AC Drive Motor. Energy consumption is reduced by up to 30%, resulting in significant cost savings for your facility. All of this is done without sacrificing the machine’s performance and efficiency.

Durability & Reliability

Our brand new frame design creates a more stable, solid feel to the Experience™ Series commercial treadmills. Exercisers will appreciate the quiet operation of the treadmill, as well as the enhanced ergonomic features like the cushioned handrails and console dash which includes plenty of space to stash their belongings. Precor P80 Console

Informative & Intuitive Consoles

All three of the treadmills that make up the Experience™ Series have a distinct console which gives exercisers the information they need as they power through their workouts. Included on TRM 885 is the interactive P80 console, which you may recognise from other Precor Experience™ Series 880 Cardio pieces. This touch-screen console can be networked with Preva®, our cloud-based software used by exercisers to set and track their fitness goals and progress. The P30 and P10 consoles outfit TRMs 835 and 815, respectively. LED-based, these consoles are intuitive for users and have the option to be hooked up with a Personal Viewing System for a more entertaining exercise experience.

Advanced, Unique Technology

Ground Effects® Impact Control System (GFX)

Exercisers can expect a smooth and supported workout thanks to our patented Ground Effects® Impact Control System technology. Our redesigned Experience™ Series commercial treadmills are built with 44% more shock absorption than the previous generation. High-impact movements are absorbed at the front of the treadmill deck, while the back of the deck supports a stable push-off. Overall, our GFX technology minimizes joint stress and fatigue, resulting in a comfortable, enhanced workout.

Integrated Footplant Technology™ (IFT)

As you switch between running and walking, your foot speed naturally changes. By taking this into account, Integrated Footplant Technology™ creates a harmony between the treadmill belt speed and the exerciser’s strides. Exercisers are able to enjoy a fluid and rhythmic running experience that mimics the natural running motion, just as if they were running outdoors.

Active Status Light™

Facility operators and staff no longer need to stress about being unsure of the operating condition of their treadmills. By simply glancing at the Active Status Light™, a feature found at the bottom front of every Experience™ Series treadmill, it is easy to see when maintenance is needed. Precor TRM Active Status Light Explore the redesigned Experience™ Series treadmill today, and watch the video below to see these features in action.



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