Personal Trainers: 4 Factors for Success

Personal Trainers: 4 Factors for Success
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Whether you’re new to the fitness industry or are an experienced personal trainer, it’s important to acknowledge that making mistakes can happen, and sometimes these can put a damper on your success.

Despite these potential pitfalls that you may fall into, there is good news – they are often easy to correct and can be avoided in the future, which will help put you well on your way to becoming a successful trainer. Read on to learn about these factors of success that will improve your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.

1. Focus on your clients

Your clients seek your full, undivided attention. This means that you need to eliminate things that might distract you during your client’s session: your mobile phone, food, and talking to other clients and trainer friends.

Take the time to learn about your clients. Obtain a copy of their medical history, chat with them about their fitness and health goals, keep tabs on their record-keeping, and find out more about their lives. Be sure to check back with them during future sessions about their goals, and be present any time they have questions.

2. Cater their program to their needs

Instead of choosing similar exercises and programs for all of your clients, bes poke them depending on your clients’ individual goals and fitness levels. For example, a runner who is trying to ace a certain pace for an upcoming marathon will require a different approach than a client who is working on losing weight.

Keep in mind that clients’ goals may change over time; you’ll need to be able to alter their plan accordingly.

3. Know your limits

This mistake can be applied to both yourself and your clients. First, you want to make sure that you don’t push your client too far, too fast. This could result in discomfort, pain, or injury. Listen to your client’s concerns and comments about the exercises you have them perform.

Also, make sure that you don’t reach outside of your own area of expertise. If you lack a certification or experience with a particular program or piece of equipment, refer your client to a trainer who is certified with that area.

4. Keep up with your education

One major part of being a successful personal trainer is continually bettering your knowledge of fitness, health, and the human body. Keep up with the latest industry trends, tips, and techniques, and pass what you learn on to your clients. Follow the Precor blog for information that can help you on a daily basis.

Earning certifications in new programs is another great way to stay educated about what’s happening in the fitness world. Precor now offer REPs accredited training on their products in the UK, so be sure to contact us to find out more.

What other factors do you feel contribute to a successful personal trainer?



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