Operators: How to Build Community in Your Gym

Operators: How to Build Community in Your Gym
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Make your fitness facility stand out among competitors by building a stronger community within your gym.

The benefits of creating a better sense of gym community include attracting new members, helping retain existing members and creating increased activity within your gym. Implementing a few of the strategies listed below can help build and foster a positive gym community.

Hold Contests

Inspire a competitive community spirit amongst your gym members by regularly hosting giveaways or contests. One example of how you can do this is by giving a free month’s membership to the member who logs the most minutes on the AMT during a specific month. Or, encourage people to strike up friendships by rewarding people who work out in small groups on a regular basis.

Sell Products with Your Logo

Selling merchandise featuring your gym’s logo is a great way to build a relationship with members. There are many options besides the typical T-shirts (which is always a sure hit) – consider water bottles, gym bags, and hats, too. For more information on merchandise, contact your local Precor rep who can help point you in the right direction.

Offer Childcare

Customers who are parents will feel much more welcome at your gym if it offers daycare or creche services. Bonus points if your gym goes beyond simply child monitoring; try hosting fun classes for kids to get them interested in fitness, sports and healthy eating. This is a win for parents, children, and your gym’s business.

Be Present on Social Media

Build an online community and engage with your current and potential customers by establishing your gym’s presence on social media. Once you’ve set up your social profiles, have reminders posted throughout the gym so members know how to follow you. Be sure to regularly update content and share information that your followers will find helpful, like schedule changes and member success stories. And be sure to follow @precoruk for the latest news, blog posts and fitness tips.

Create a Photo Wall

Instead of just posting photos to your facility’s Facebook wall, use a physical wall in your gym to make an actual photo wall. Include pictures, insightful captions and inspiring words to help tell the story of your gym’s motivated and impressive members. Keep the wall updated regularly. It may be just the push that struggling members need to reach their fitness goals.

Hold a Variety of Classes

Fitness and health classes are a great way to help bring your members together and encourage friendships. Adding new classes or class times can be beneficial for all members, including those members with odd work hours. Offering nutrition seminars and health info sessions are also wise ideas to increase your members’ engagement at your gym.

Encourage Feedback

Providing a reliable way for members to share feedback can make them feel like their opinions are being heard. Encourage feedback through your social media pages or provide feedback forms at the front desk.

Offer Family and Friends Discounts

Offering a reduced membership rate for members’ spouses or friends is a great way to build your gym’s community. Free 30-day trial memberships can also be an easy way to increase potential members’ interest in your gym.

Promote Positivity Among Employees

Ensuring that your employees are polite and kind to each and every member is a good way to build a positive atmosphere in your gym. Making sure that staff are completing small gestures of kindness, like smiling at patrons and being patient when resolving customer issues, can go a long way in creating a positive gym atmosphere.

Give Members Free Gifts

Offering gym merchandise for sale is a good way to make some extra money, but giving away these items for free can add some excitement to your members’ in-gym experience. Consider using giveaways to reward customers who meet certain goals, such as recruiting five new members over the course of a year.



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