Operators: Tips and Tricks for Email Marketing

Operators: Tips and Tricks for Email Marketing
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Email marketing: whether you’re a big advocate of it, or aren’t sure how to begin using it, we’ve got some helpful tips and tricks that will help you successfully reach out to your fitness facility’s members. Read on to learn how you can begin benefiting from this low-cost marketing channel by promoting offers and special deals to current members.

Collect email addresses

One of the main reasons why email marketing is so effective when compared to other forms of direct marketing is because the people with whom you are communicating are already interested in the topic you’re promoting.

It’s likely that your facility already gathers new members’ email addresses as part of the signing up process. Take advantage of having your members’ emails on file to form a list of recipients for your email marketing campaigns. (Note: make sure you have your members’ permission to send them emails. Further, ensure that your emails always include an opt-out option for those no longer interested in receiving them.)

If you do not collect your members’ email addresses when they become members, place a sign-up sheet at the front desk and ask staff to promote signing up for your gym’s emails. Be honest and upfront about how often emails will be sent and what they will contain – general gym updates, specials and promotions, health and workout tips, etc.

Choose an email service provider

When it comes to picking out an email service provider, you want to choose a reputable one. Using a trusted provider such as Dotmailer or MailChimp will minimise the chances of contravening EC Directive regulations and maximise your email output. Pick a provider who provides reporting and analytics so you can measure your members’ behaviours when it comes to reading your email.

Keep layouts simple

Naturally, you’ll want to include lots of info in your emails to members. However, it’s best to keep your messages simple and short for optimal impact. A clean, easy layout that gets straight to the point of the message will perform well with your members.

Have a call-to-action

Include a limited-time offer or promote a new group class – have something that encourages interaction with your emails and your gym. You can include a link to a sign-up page for that new class or nutritional info session; this will allow members to sign up for the event or deal right away, versus adding it to their “to-do” list, where it may get forgotten.

Track your emails to determine ROI

In order to be successful with your email marketing campaigns, you must be able to analyse your return on investment. Keep these three key measures in mind for gauging ROI when you’re viewing the reports generated by your email service provider: the open rate, click-through rate, and number of opt-outs.

The open rate is simply the percentage of members who opened your email. This can be found by dividing the number of people who opened your email by the total number of people to whom you sent the email. Aim for an open rate of 20 percent.

The click-through rate is how many people click on your call-to-action, a link that was in the email to your gym’s website, etc. A click-through rate of 2 to 3 percent is what you should be striving for.

Finally, email list opt-outs are inevitable as people get overwhelmed with their flooded inboxes. Try to keep the number of opt-outs below 1 percent by carefully monitoring the number of emails you send per month, and by ensuring that they provide relevant, interesting information.

Through some strategic planning, email marketing can make a very positive impact on your fitness facility. Benefit from the increased engagement with your members to boost their overall experiences with your gym.



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