Fitness Professionals: Free Templates for Email Marketing

Fitness Professionals: Free Templates for Email Marketing
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Now that you’ve read our tips for holding successful email campaigns with your gym’s members, get started in your efforts by downloading these three email templates we’ve designed just for you. Your download will include images, suggested text, and general guidelines for creating a successful email based on our model. Never has it been easier to reach out to your facility’s members!

#1: The Welcome Email

This template is meant for your gym’s newest members, welcoming them and encouraging them to see the latest featured workout and book a gym induction.

#2: The Friends and Family Promotional Email

Inform your members of your gym’s friends and family membership discounts. This one is a win-win for everyone – your gym goers get to work out with their closest friends, and your facility has gained a few new members.

#3: The 60-Day Check-In Email

Send this email to exercisers who’ve been going to your gym for two months. It’s a great way to check in with them and keep them engaged in achieving their fitness goals.



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