The Hottest Fitness Trends of 2015

The Hottest Fitness Trends of 2015
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Operators – it’s important to reflect at this time of year on the types of classes that you’ll offer in your fitness facility. Of course, the staples that are consistently popular, such as yoga, boot camps, and group cycle, will continue to be big hits amongst your members.

It’s also important to acknowledge the latest new trends in the fitness industry too. By offering the hottest new trends, you increase the chances that your members will stay content with your facility, and thereby decrease the chances that they’ll quit their membership. Who knows – they may even invite some friends along to their new favourite fitness class.

Read up on some 2015’s sure fitness hits, gathered from the American College of Sports Medicine’s survey of fitness trends, and consider adding them to your facility today!

Bodyweight Training

Topping the list for this year, this kind of exercise uses very little equipment and is efficient for both your members and your facility. Minimal equipment is necessary to get a full bodyweight workout in, meaning you don’t need a ton of space or tools to offer this as a class. Also, it can be suited to every level of fitness while promising strong results.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This style of short-burst, intense workouts is gaining serious popularity in the fitness world due to its effectiveness. In just a small period of time – think Tabata routines or other fast-paced drills – members can burn a tonne of calories and build lean muscle. For gyms with an older client base, consider offering a milder, medium intensity interval training session too.

Small-Group Personal Training

Paying for private personal training classes on a regular basis may not be in all of your clients’ price ranges – but they still value the insight and results gained by learning from your gym’s certified fitness professionals.

In order to reach these members, offer small-group personal training sessions for three to four exercisers at a time. As long as none of the exercisers require special supervision, a well-educated and experienced trainer should be able to help out the whole group at the same time.

Outdoor Sports Training

Since 2010, outdoor activities have been making the American College Sports Medicine’s trends list. Just because this particular trend takes place outside, that doesn’t mean that you can’t partake in it.

Provide classes that will improve members’ performance, agility, and preparedness for when they hit the great outdoors for sport. Choose the classes based on the popular seasonal outdoor activities in your region. For example, an upper body arms-and-core training will be perfect for rock climbers and kayakers, while sprinting and leg workouts are ideal for football players and cyclists.

Health in the Workplace

Nowadays, there is a growing emphasis in the workplace toward promoting health and wellbeing. While many larger companies offer their employees on-site fitness centres on their company grounds, some smaller businesses are unable to provide a fitness centre. Target these smaller companies by partnering up with them to offer discounted gym memberships for their employees.

Make the fitness experience at your facility fun and engaging for all of your members. Give your clients exactly what they’re seeking by creating an even balance between offering the traditional fitness classes alongside the hot trends of the moment.



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