Infographic: Boost Your Fitness in 20 Minutes or Less

Infographic: Boost Your Fitness in 20 Minutes or Less
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Juggling your work, family life, and social life is hard enough as is, so we know it can be tough answering the question “Where will I find time for fitness?”

Lucky for you, these workouts take only twenty minutes to complete, so they are the perfect way to boost your fitness; squeeze them in during a lunch break or if you have a chance to hit the gym quickly before heading home for the night. But don’t be fooled – these workouts pack an intense punch. Get the most out of these exercisers by performing them with only a short rest break in between the moves. Keep working hard until the clock says you’ve done 20 minutes. If you aren’t sure if you have proper form, ask your trainer.

Download our infographic below, and keep it handy for the next time that you have a few minutes to spare.



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