Tracking from Treadmill to Trail: Preva and Movescount

Tracking from Treadmill to Trail: Preva and Movescount
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Amer Sports brands Precor and Suunto have announced the integration of Preva® and Suunto’s online sports tracking community, Movescount, allowing users to access and record indoor cardio equipment-based workouts, as well as outdoor exercise in Preva, making it easier for exercisers to track progress towards fitness goals.


“We know people don’t train exclusively in the gym or outdoors, they do both,” said Jonathan Griffiths, Precor UK Marketing Manager. “Knowing this, we wanted to give fitness enthusiasts a way to track their indoor and outdoor training effectively and help them follow their progress. By connecting Movescount and Preva, exercisers can work towards their fitness goals regardless of where they train.”


The linkage between Preva and Movescount creates a progressive platform to help users track towards their fitness goals and become more engaged exercisers. At the gym, Preva automatically captures workouts on any networked Precor 880 line cardio equipment, whilst the Preva Mobile App can record strength and functional training. For workouts outside of the gym, exercisers can sync to Preva via either or the Suunto Movescount Mobile App. For workout detail a Suunto sports watch can track their outdoor sport activities and relay information including heart rate, speed, elevation and recovery rate.


“The ability to track exercise data is a win-win for exercisers and operators,” said Jeff Bartee, Precor Principle Product Manager for Networked Fitness. “Exercisers gain motivation and frequency of activity when they can monitor their progress towards a goal. From an operator’s perspective, the more motivated and engaged an exerciser is, the more likely they’ll continue to visit a facility on a regular basis.”


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