How Personal Trainers Can Make Their Sessions Better

How Personal Trainers Can Make Their Sessions Better
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As a personal trainer, you have a job that’s more than just compiling a list of exercises for your clients. Rather, you’re trying to motivate them to get the most out of their sessions, as well as the most out of their lives.

Here are several techniques you can use to help your clients reach their fitness goals.

Encourage Accountability

Many people fail in their exercise endeavours because they don’t have anyone pushing them to be better. Accountability can make or break the progress of your clients. Encouraging accountability outside your training sessions will help ensure a true lifestyle transformation.

Charlotte Liboc and Dr. Lindsey Marcellin of Everyday Health say that using a measuring tape can help aid in training session effectiveness. Measuring inches lost can help keep your clients more accountable and encourage them to continue their progress.

Give Homework

Giving your clients exercises to perform outside their training sessions will help keep them on their fitness track. Homework ‘assignments’ can include tracking food in a food diary, jogging one mile three times a week or doing sit-ups before bed each night. Whatever it is to motivate your client outside the session will help in creating the lifestyle they seek.

Give Them a Chance

If your clients are new to exercise, it’s best to not be too hard on them. They’ll need to ease their way into their new lifestyle and if you’re too hard too soon, they’ll get discouraged and not want to proceed. Before beginning, find out the specific goals of your clients. From there, you can determine their fitness level and help them make steady progress toward their goals.

Find Exercises They Enjoy

Each client will be different, so it’s important to focus on exercises each one enjoys. The University of Pittsburgh found that individuals who engaged in enjoyable leisure activities functioned better psychologically and physically. Encouraging your clients to participate in their favourite activities will inspire them reach, or even surpass, their goals.

Switch Things Up

Adding variety to your clients’ workouts will help them stay motivated and encouraged during their fitness journey. Incorporating calisthenics, weights, intervals, and machines into the sessions will not only keep your clients motivated, but also introduce them to new exercises that will help them improve their workouts.

Think outside the box of your facility. Take your clients outside to get a change of scene as well as add a new dynamic to your clients’ workouts. Gretchen Reynolds, in her article Benefits of Exercising Outdoors, says that going outside can help lower stress levels and increase self-esteem.

Be Organised

One of the most important things you can do to help your clients is to not waste their time. Show them that they are a priority by being organised and ready for their workout. Maximise your clients’ workouts by focusing on the task at hand and using every minute available to help them reach their goals.

Provide Consistency

Routine can also be an excellent motivator. Consistency includes being ready as soon as the session starts. Setting the standard to be there to work and not mess around will help get your client into the mentality to get the job done. Being consistent also means to provide motivation throughout the entire session. Ending each session on a positive and encouraging note can also provide the motivation your clients need to continue their progress.

Each client is different. You’ll have to learn how each of yours will be motivated to excel in their journey. These tips can help you establish ways in which to work with your clients and offer effective training sessions designed for each individual client.



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