6 Ways Gym Operators Can Attract Customers in Any Season

6 Ways Gym Operators Can Attract Customers in Any Season
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Any industry and business has high and low seasons; the fitness industry is no different. Gym operators and owners need to accommodate for these seasons in order to run a successful business.

You’ll notice that some months are ripe with new members while others seem stagnant. This is a normal part of any industry, but there are ways in which you can prepare for these seasons in your gym; or even better, try to avoid them all together – no matter the time of year.

Hold Informational Workshops

A great way to introduce your members – and the community — to the services you offer is to host fitness and wellness workshops. These provide a way for your staff to share their expertise about their field of study.

By encouraging your personal trainers and on-site nutritionists to participate in these workshops, you’ll be able to raise awareness in your community and generate more interest in your business. Promoting these events on social media and opening them to the public will create a solid buzz about your gym. They will also introduce more people to your wide range of services.

Introduce New Classes

A great way to get people through your doors is to offer themed classes. Whether it’s ‘Get Ready for Summer with HIIT’ or ‘Lose the Stone You Gained over Christmas with Water Aerobics,’ adding variety into your class timetable will help motivate current and future members.

By marketing yourself as a gym that is always changing things up and introducing new fitness opportunities, you’ll garner more interest in long-term memberships.

Promote Your Group Fitness Opportunities

As you introduce your new classes, this is a great time to add some promotion for your group classes. Many people are intimidated to join a gym. Highlighting how your group classes provide a built-in community can help bring in new people who may not normally be interested in joining.

Host Bring-A-Friend Days

Word of mouth has long been the best form of marketing. Hosting a Bring-A-Friend Day is the ultimate referral service. Allowing friends to work out in the gym free of charge is an excellent way for the undecided to be able to visit the facility with someone they know and trust. You can also provide discounts to current members who bring friends that do sign up for a membership. This is a great way to create brand ambassadors for your business.

Create A Referral Program

An easy way to offer added buzz about your gym is to create a referral program. If a current member recruits new people to your gym, they are eligible for rewards and prizes. Whether it was from a Bring-A-Friend Day or just a desire to introduce friends to the gym, members should be rewarded when they help you grow your business.

Some examples for rewards are a set amount off their next month’s membership, or a gift voucher to your in-house shop, or even a gift voucher to a local health food store. Small gifts can go a long way in telling your members you appreciate them.

Drop Rates During the Low Season

While each business does have slow seasons, if you notice a trend year after year, it may be a good idea to drop your rates during that time. This will help encourage new member sign-ups year round. Running an offer during the slower season can help boost your memberships and get people excited to exercise, regardless of the month.

These are just some of the ways you can create buzz about your gym year round. An important aspect to remember is creating an atmosphere of community. It’s a great way to get more people in the door.

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