Hiring Gym Staff: 8 People You Need to Have

Hiring Gym Staff: 8 People You Need to Have
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Employing a solid team is one of the most important things you can do as you open your new gym. These are the people who will support you, your members and your facility. When you’re starting out, it may be a little overwhelming to know which roles to hire and what to look for in your future employees.

Here are some positions to help build your foundational team of gym staff.

Operations Manager

To make sure your gym is running smoothly and efficiently, hire a solid Operations Manager. This is a pivotal role in your gym as it directs your staff, ensures your facility’s maintenance and manages any issues that may arise. When you’re looking to fill this position, find a candidate who is diplomatic and customer service orientated.

Fitness Membership Sales Manager

One of the main purposes of the Sales Manager position is to bring new members into your gym while reaching—and exceeding—revenue goals and sales targets. However, your candidate should also be able to manage staff as well as keep them performing to meet your members’ expectations.

Marketing Manager

Working closely with the Sales Manager, the Marketing Manager’s role is to create promotions and offers that bring new members into your gym – and helps keep current members coming back for more. Whether its promoting a new class or creating fliers for a membership offer, the candidate for this position should have a creative spirit and energetic attitude to help promote your gym and sell your services.


The staff at the front desk will be the first people your members encounter as they enter the gym. With this in mind, your staff must have a sound knowledge of the gym operations, be able to answer member questions, and be an enthusiastic member of the team. Customer service and the ability to go above and beyond are great qualities to look for in these candidates.

Personal Trainers

Many people seek out a gym with a solid personal training staff to help reach their goals and motivate them in their fitness journey. Your certified personal trainers should be personable and knowledgeable, yet able to push their clients to be their best. They should also be continual learners with a desire to keep apprised of the new techniques and strategies in order to encourage your members to keep at it.

Group Fitness Instructors

As you set the timetable for your group fitness classes, hiring expert instructors is important to the success of your gym. Members can be intimidated when entering a class for the first time, whether it’s yoga, spin, TRX or any number of offerings. Finding instructors who have a teacher’s heart but who can also encourage and push your members beyond their comfort zone is key to your class success.

Maintenance Staff

Gym members look for their facility to be clean and running smoothly. Your maintenance staff is key to making sure your gym is seen in the best possible light. The candidates to fill these positions should have a keen eye for making your space look spotless. If there is an issue, whether it’s a burnt-out light or replacing tiles in the locker rooms, they should have the initiative—and ability—to fix it.

Service Technicians

Equipment downtime can stop a member’s workout in its tracks, which doesn’t bode well for their customer satisfaction. Hiring a service technician who understands how your equipment works (and how to fix it) can help minimize downtime while ensuring equipment safety. You should look for candidates who have both mechanical and electrical expertise, ideally in the fitness industry.

Building your gym’s staff is an important step in ensuring the success of your gym. These foundational positions will help you have a solid footing as you grow your business.



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