How to Hire and Keep Great Trainers

How to Hire and Keep Great Trainers
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In today’s marketplace, personal trainers have more opportunities than ever to work independently, thus working commission free and keeping more of their fee for themselves. However, for you, a gym owner, quality personal trainers can help turn sporadic members into long-term clients.

In order to bring quality personal trainers to your team, there are ways to ensure your trainers are satisfied and want to work—and stay—with your gym. Offering a generous pay structure is a good place to start, but here are other strategies that will result in low turnover amongst your training staff.

1. Stress Continuing Education

Valuing education is an important aspect of a quality personal trainer. Providing opportunities for your trainers to stay on top of the latest trends, fitness theories and workouts is important not only to them, but also to your members. Offering to pay for some or all of their continuing education costs and providing in-gym seminars taught by master teachers is a huge bonus to personal trainers. You can also provide a bump in their pay grade if they achieve multiple certifications. Remember: your personal trainers are worth the investment!

2. Offer Them Marketing Opportunities

When personal trainers work for themselves, they have to create ways to market their services. However, as a part of your gym, they’ll have ample opportunities to make their skills known. You can provide instances in which they can interact with your clients. Whether you offer consultations to new members or ask them to answer client questions at an open house, your trainers can take advantage of one-on-one time with potential clients.

If you provide a gym newsletter to your members, request that your personal trainers submit articles and advice columns. Offer them a fair wage for their work and they’ll not only earn some extra quid, but also be seen as an expert in their field to your members. You’ll be establishing your gym as a qualified resource for advice as well.

3. Provide Holiday and Sick Leave

Freelance personal trainers oftentimes don’t justify taking holidays or can’t afford to call in sick. If you’re able to provide your trainers paid holiday leave and sick days, they won’t be afraid to take care of themselves without the thought of losing a client or extra income. By providing an easy, stress-free way for trainers to transfer already-paid sessions to another trainer on staff while they’re gone, you’re encouraging them to not only take care of their well being, but want to stay at your facility.

4. Work With Their Personal Style

One reservation personal trainers have about working at a gym is the inability to set their own schedule and work in their own style. If you allow flexibility, you’ll attract the quality trainers you’re seeking. If a trainer wants to offer half hour sessions, group sessions, or discounted sessions for low-income clients, and you entrust them with the flexibility they desire, the more satisfied they—and their clients—will be and the more willing they will be to stay.

5. Reduce Their Overhead Spending

Setting up an independent training studio is a large investment. When a personal trainer joins your team, you’ll be providing quality, commercial-grade equipment and a space to work with their clients. This drastically reduces their start-up costs. If you’re able to provide them with private or semi-private training spaces, it’s an additional bonus to their clients.

Look into having your trainers covered under your insurance policy. If they follow company rules and train on your premises, they’ll be able to save a lot of money on their costs. You can also provide pro discounts on fitness equipment and clothing. Try to partner with local fitness shops in your area to provide discounts to your training staff as an extra bonus.

Personal trainers may often see only the supposed downsides of working in a gym. But you, as a gym owner, have a lot to offer their business and their clients. By helping them progress in their career and paying a fair rate, you can help them become an ambassador for your gym and give them reasons to stay.



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