Why Networking Your University Rec Centre Makes Sense

Why Networking Your University Rec Centre Makes Sense
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School is back in full swing and all over the UK, university students are settling into their new academic routine. As a new group of students enter the ranks, it’s important to remember that university students today have grown up in a connected world. They expect every area of their lives to seamlessly connect together. This includes their fitness experience.

On today’s campuses, fitness and technology take about as much precedence as students’ academic endeavours. For university recreational centre operators, this means trying to meet the demands of everyone on your campus by providing an exercise experience that’s state of the art and fully connected.

Here are three reasons why you should consider networking your university rec centre.

1. Stay Current With Technology

Offering your students and staff a networked fitness experience allows them to help reach their fitness goals while keeping them motivated. From their Precor machine’s console, for example, exercisers can get caught up on their favourite TV shows or watch the hottest music video on a Video On Demand playlist. They’ll also be able to track their progress to keep them motivated to hit the gym more often.

With Precor cloud-based Preva software, members can download the Preva Mobile app and track their activities outside the gym. This technology allows them to be aware of all of their workouts throughout the week, whether it’s inside the gym or outside.

2. Kick Start a Healthy Lifestyle

The university years are not traditionally the healthiest years of one’s life. With late night takeaway, pub-crawls, and any excuse to get Nando’s or curry chips, health and fitness may not be top of mind for your students. However, exercise and a regular fitness routine can help students lower their stress levels and actually perform better in class.

Studies have shown that students who regularly visit their university recreation centre receive higher marks in their courses than students who chose less healthy alternatives. When you offer a networked fitness experience, you’re giving the university community the chance to perform at the top of its game and live healthy lifestyles.

Exercisers can also personalise their fitness experience with our Preva software. Their unique Preva account, when used on networked Precor P80 cardio equipment, allows them to set goals, track milestones, and encourage them to keep coming back.

SUNY Cortland in New York State, U.S.A., installed Precor networked fitness and strength products in their new recreational centre. See their positive outcomes in this free download.

3. Track the Numbers

Networked equipment not only helps your students and staff stay fit and motivated, but it also allows you to analyse and track your usage statistics.  The Preva Business Suite lets you provide your community with the best workout experience possible.

When a machine stops working it means one of your members can’t get their workout in. This is not only discouraging to your member, but also to your overall user experience. Preva allows you and your staff to look at real-time equipment usage reports to help you keep track of your machines’ operating conditions.

Reports like these ensure your equipment is being used to optimum capacity. Your gym will be well-run and functioning at its highest.

In 2013, Arizona State University in the U.S.A. installed 275 pieces of networked equipment in their rec centre. To jump-start their members’ use of the equipment, they held a two-month ‘Cardio Challenge’ logging exercisers’ minutes. The challenge helped exercisers get acquainted with the machines, but also put them on track to reach their goals. You can find out more about Arizona State’s Cardio Challenge here.

The College of Saint Benedict in the U.S.A. also used Preva and the Preva Business Suite to see their statistics and equipment usage. To see how they were able to rationalise their spend, simply enter your email to the download Precor case study on the college.



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