Integrated Footplant™ Technology (IFT)

Integrated Footplant Technology (IFT) takes one simple fact into account: When you run, the speed of your foot changes.

Precor treadmills with IFT recognize this change in speed when your foot strikes the belt and adjust to match every stride. This ability to respond to your natural foot speed results in a smooth, fluid feel that enhances your workout experience.

Precor Integrated Footplant Technology redefines treadmill design to synchronize machine movements with human motion.

How this science works naturally with the human body.

When your heel strikes a treadmill, the foot delivers a powerful spike of energy. Integrated Footplant Technology reads this energy spike and uses the information to make minute belt-speed adjustments as you run.

The result is your running stride remains fluid and you experience an enhanced workout that:

  • Feels completely smooth and natural
  • Reduces joint stress and minimizes fatigue
  • Maximizes aerobic benefit for heart and lungs

1. Mimics natural running motion

When running or walking, the foot accelerates and slows during the course of each step. If exercising outdoors, the ground’s firm surface supports the natural acceleration at the beginning of each stride. Precor technology works with this natural acceleration by precisely adjusting belt speed as the foot hits the deck—supporting the natural motion and preventing drag that can pull the foot backwards as the runner moves forward.

2. Harmonizes running speed and belt speed

Precor treadmill design calibrates belt speed so that the treadmill surface shares the stationary benefits of running outside. To do this, equipment software monitors heel strikes and communicates with equipment hardware to adjust motor speed with a user’s natural stride. The resulting harmony between runner and machine means a smooth, fluid, and rhythmic running experience.

3. Promotes workout ease and comfort

Relative Perceived Exertion (RPE) is the difference between how hard your brain says you’re working and how hard your heart actually works. If you’re jogging, the perceived level of exertion drops when impact to your ankle, knee and other affected joints is reduced. So you experience a more comfortable workout that keeps you motivated and moving toward your fitness goals.