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  • Queenax Stroops® Package

    The Stroops® Queenax Package is your complete elastomer-based training tool. It takes the anchor points and geometry of Queenax and multiplies the functional capabilities. In addition to the versatile Stroops VITL kit, the Queenax package includes anchors, connectors, handles, bars, belts, cuffs and the powerful Son of the Beast – a complete training package that perfectly complements your Queenax system.

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Equipment Features

Components One (1) VITL Kit, including four (4) 36 in (91.44 cm) Slastix, Two (2) Foot Straps, two (2) Contour Handles, one (1) Universal Swivel Belt, two (2) Cloth Anchors, five (5) Dots and one (1) Cinch Bag

One (1) Fit Stik Pro Bar
One (1) Deluxe Slastix Loop
One (1) Son of the Beast
One (1) Power Pull Belt
Stroops Carabiner
One (1) Pair of Punch Cuffs