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    Superfunctional is a suspension fitness training bar developed by Queenax that provides a greater level of confidence in suspension thanks to its dual anchor points. Superfunctional is a simple, inclusive tool that accommodates conventional suspended bodyweight training movements plus play-based and skill-based training.

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Equipment Features

Components 1 Superfunctional Bar
- Powder painted metal with non-slip rubber coating

2 Superfunctional Straps
- 10 different adjustment heights
- High resistance fibre, with a metal loop made of steel and tested to over 1,190 lbs / 540 kg
Training Considerations Movements are largely dominant in the sagittal plane, but Superfunctional also accommodates multi-planar motions by selecting asymmetric grip positions and rotational movement patterns.

Superfunctional goes beyond traditional suspended bodyweight training systems by allowing users to stand, sit, push, pull, hang and swing.
Max. User Weight 135 kg/300 lb

Product Dimensions & Weight

Length Bar Length: 99 cm / 39 in from end cap to end cap
Height Strap Height: 223 cm / 88 in
Product Weight Bar Weight: 1.8 kg / 4 lb