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  • UFO

    The UFO (Unidentified Fitness Object) is a suspended platform with a big fun factor that was designed to enhance motor control, balance, rhythm, body awareness, mental engagement and strength. The UFO's four anchor points accommodate suspended bodyweight training in 360 degrees. Users can sit, stand or kneel on the UFO, or position just the arms and legs on it, allowing for a variety of exercise possibilities.

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Equipment Features

Components 1 UFO Platform
4 Superfunctional Straps
1 UFO Adaptor
2 UFO Bands
4 Queenax Carabiners
1 Valve Adaptor
Training Considerations Being suspended from the ground allows the exercisers to steer the movement through circular, elliptical or linear movement pathways.

2 Training Bars (not included) can be inserted into the Superfunctional Straps for extra support when standing on the UFO.
Max. User Weight 135 kg / 300 lb