Testimonials and Case Studies

Their customers serve the country and we serve 2,000 of them a day with Precor equipment

MacDill Air Force Base

MacDill Air Force Base is located in Tampa, Florida. The base’s fitness center covers 45,000 square feet and serves on average 2,000 customers a day. The structure is over 30 years old and has gone through a number of remodels. Along with the 20,000 people who work on the base accessing the facility, it also serves the needs of a significant number of retired veterans and wounded warriors. Meeting the requirements of this varied population is a serious challenge for the facility, staff and it’s exercise equipment.

Precor equipment at MacDill Air Force Base

What we did
Over the past two years, Sharla Alexander, Fitness Center Director, working with Frank Palmer, head of Precor government sales and Jessi Edlebrock, representative for the East Coast, have totally transformed the facility’s equipment. What had been a mix of outdated machines has become two complete cardio rooms filled primarily with Precor equipment.

They selected Precor because they knew that they needed dependable equipment that was easy to use and easy to service. They added a range of equipment including AMT®s, Ellipticals and Recumbents. All are equipped with Cardio Theatre® and Personal Viewing Screens to provide their customers with motivation to come back.

Our people consulted on the layout to make the most of their footprint. Our involvement continued during installation to make sure it all went smoothly. They have also taken advantage of our training programs and a maintenance contract is in place to make sure that their important customers always have access.

What they said
Sharla Alexander, Fitness Center Director, said, “In my 26 years in this business, I’ve never had better service than that I’ve received from the people of Precor.” She continued, “When we just had a few of their AMTs, people would pass up other equipment and wait for them. And Precor’s new step-through recumbents are very popular, especially with some of our retired veterans.”