Elliptical Story

You step onto an EFX and you immediately feel something different from other machines. As you move your feet, there's a fluidity that you'll only find with Precor equipment. You're there, feeling the gentle elasticity as you push your legs, hearing the quiet hum of a quality machine.

Before the EFX, there was never even an elliptical fitness crosstrainer category in the world of fitness. Not only did Precor originate the break-through technology of mimicking the natural elliptical pattern of your foot, but we combined it with CrossRamp technology which allows you to alter that elliptical path. In other words, you work different parts of your body for a full crosstraining effect.

You'll find that, while the concept of leaping to your next fitness goal may be a tough one, it's actually more attainable on your EFX. By following Precor's engineering strategy that every one of our machines moves the way you do, we have eliminated the jarring impact that you feel on other crosstrainers. Ā  The EFX is easy to use, allowing you to experience the natural movement of walking or running. It follows the motion of your body, no matter what your size or weight, so you don't feel off- kilter.

And because the EFX is low impact, helping you move fluidly, you'll have lower Relative Perceived Exertion (RPE). That means your workout is so smooth that you don't feel like you're working as hard as you are. And that means you'll stay on the EFX longer. The longer you stay on, the better your conditioning.

It's challenging enough to consistently follow your fitness routine - Precor actually makes it desirable by offering equipment that you actually want to use. So condition yourself for those walks, runs, and climbs. Move naturally, with fitness and through life.