Fitness equipment for education

As one of the world’s leading fitness equipment suppliers, Precor specialises in the provision of exercise equipment for school gyms, as well as for colleges and universities.  Our equipment is world-renowned for design and biomechanical excellence, ensuring that users of your fitness facility enjoy the very best possible workout.
Academic performance is known to be related to a student’s sense of wellbeing and progressively schools, colleges and universities are investing in fitness facilities that enhance this wellbeing and set them apart from other institutions.  
Often an academic fitness facility needs to deliver workout levels and training programmes to satisfy a range of users, from young pupils in school gyms to older members of the surrounding community, and from recreational exercisers to elite young athletes.  Careful planning and acquiring the right blend of fitness equipment, often within the constraints of a tight budget, is therefore essential.
As one of the world’s leading pioneers in the design and manufacture of commercial fitness equipment, we can help you create an engaging and inspiring fitness facility.  For more information on how Precor can support school gyms, as well as college and university fitness centres, please contact us.

New white paper

A new, free 13-page white paper is now available from Precor, entitled ‘Engaging Children and Young People in Physical Activity’.  Please click here for more details.