Member Journey – Ann Grayburn

Name: Ann Grayburn
Age: 55-years-old
Occupation: Musician
Member at Hengrove Park Leisure Centre, Bristol

Moving Forward

“I have increasingly come to realise that keeping moving and staying fit are extremely important, especially as you get older. At the same time I want that essential exercise to fit manageably into my busy life with all its priorities and commitments,” says 55-year-old Ann Grayburn from Bristol.

Having felt in herself, and observed in others, the negative impact on the quality of life that being overweight and losing mobility brings, Ann was conscious that she needed to become more focussed on keeping fit and maintaining muscle strength, in order to stay healthy and keep off the extra pounds. A professional musician, Ann teaches piano, plays the viola and sings in various orchestras and choirs.

I believe tomorrow will be even better because of what I do today
“It’s important for me to enjoy what I’m doing, and before becoming a regular gym user I used to go swimming, cycling and walking. However, I discovered to my cost that stopping exercise because of neck, wrist and shoulder injuries resulting from various activities was not a good idea, and I was even given specific exercises to keep these areas moving during treatment.” she states.

Ann joined Hengrove Park Leisure Centre in Bristol, which showcases a 173-station gym, featuring state of the art Precor equipment, along with a 50m Olympic swimming pool, and embarked on a six month fitness journey with a Precor film crew monitoring her progress.

I believe the human body is an amazing thing
Kurtis Walters, Fitness Suite Manager at Hengrove Park Leisure Centre comments: “While Ann wanted to lose some weight, her main approach to keeping fit was to enhance and increase mobility in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and sustain a reasonable weight. To achieve this we created a regime that covered both cardiovascular and strength exercises using high impact interval training (HIIT) programmes on Precor’s award winning Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT) so that she could change up the routine and use it in a variety of ways (running, walking, stepping), along with time spent on Precor’s recumbent bike and the rowing machines.

“The Precor strength machines were used to build up her strength and muscle tone and she quickly progressed to using heavier weights and more repetitions.”

Ann comments: “Having both Kurtis there monitoring my progress was a real boost to my confidence and gave me the encouragement to do well.”

Over the six month journey Ann lost a few pounds but more importantly “I have noticed a significant benefit since using the gym equipment regularly, such as greater ease when lifting things like heavy shopping bags, and that my body shape became more toned and shapely. I’ve come to the realisation that exercising is a continual process and though the film crew may not be around any longer, Kurtis still encourages me and the journey continues.”

I believe fitness is key to living the life I desire
With a lot going on in her life, time management plays a key role in when and how often she gets to the gym.

Ann concludes: “Making fitness part of my life is now a priority and while I may not be able to visit the gym as often as I would like I now consider what other activities I can cut back on so that I can keep exercising. It’s about fitting it in to make sure I continue to benefit from the results and stay healthy.”