Gym equipment maintenance, service and repairs

Gym Servicing

Gym equipment maintenance, service and repairs are all important aspects of your gym operation.  Each piece of commercial fitness equipment is often relatively expensive and, as such, is usually considered a long-term business asset, which you and your club’s members need to rely upon.
The following provides a brief overview of the three main areas of preserving these key assets:


The importance of cleanliness when it comes to commercial fitness equipment is often overlooked, but introducing and adhering to a regular cleaning programme is possibly one of the first and most important steps in prolonging the life of your equipment. 
Regular cleaning of the equipment and its operating environment will not only improve member perceptions of your facility, but it will also minimise the need for service calls and repairs.  That said, it is always important to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines, to ensure that you are using cleaning solutions that won’t gradually degrade plastic and metal surfaces.  It’s also important to ensure you don’t apply any liquids to equipment when cleaning, in the interests of the equipment and, more importantly, your safety.
In addition to cleaning, regular preventative maintenance is also recommended, and most manufacturers will provide full details of this with the equipment’s documentation.

Gym equipment service

Whilst regular cleaning and preventative maintenance is always advisable, much like a car, professional servicing is periodically required for commercial equipment.  Your gym’s equipment goes through sustained and often intensive use and therefore regular professional checks will generally prolong the lifespan of the product.  Additionally, servicing will help to ensure that you remain compliant with regulatory safety requirements.
Many fitness clubs choose to service all of their equipment at once, either using a manufacturer’s engineers or a third party company.  Other clubs spread the cost by servicing particular machines at particular times.


Again, much like a car, maintenance and service will prolong the life of your equipment and will often avert repairs.  However, whilst most fitness equipment manufacturers these days produce equipment which is generally of a good standard, repairs to the occasional machine are inevitable over the lifetime of the products.  Years of members pounding on a particular treadmill, for example, could eventually result in a need for its repair. 
Rather than hope equipment will never require any repairs, it is sound business planning to assume that some machines will require fixes at some point, and to therefore make provision for this.  Clubs often notice an acute problem when one or more of their most popular machines is broken and therefore establishing a relationship and/or agreement with a gym equipment service provider in advance usually ensures the problem is fixed quickly and cost efficiently.

Precor service support

Precor offers a full range of gym equipment service packages, both for Precor and third-party equipment.  Our engineers are technically qualified and fully trained on a comprehensive range of products.  An additional benefit is that a vast majority of engineers are full time employees of Precor or Precor’s local distributor, which results in extremely high levels of product knowledge, and therefore a highly dedicated support service.
Qualified, industry-experienced customer care and technical support staff are another integral part of our after-sales service, providing remote support to our field service team as well as our customers.
If you would like to find out more about what servicing options are available to you from Precor, please simply contact us.