Attracting new members to your club just got easier.

A 20% increase in new memberships in just four months at leisure@cheltenham.

When leisure@cheltenham in Gloucestershire, England, installed fitness equipment supplier Precor’s 880 CV line and networked fitness solution, Preva, they saw a 20% increase in membership in the four months following the upgrade; reaching their highest ever membership level. A local authority-run facility facing stiff competition from numerous high profile privately run chains in the area, leisure@cheltenham chose Precor’s equipment to help distinguish them from the crowd.

Leisure at Cheltenham

“We're in a very competitive local market, so when we refitted the fitness suite it was essential to have state-of-the-art equipment,” says Stephen Petherick, General Manager of leisure@cheltenham. “Having equipment with personal entertainment touch screens and Preva Personal Accounts gives us a major point of difference in the area. Our decision to go with Precor and Preva has been rewarded by reaching our highest ever membership.”

“Our decision to go with Precor and Preva has been rewarded by reaching our highest ever membership.”
—Stephen Petherick, leisure@cheltenham, UK

Preva is a powerful cloud-based suite of tools. It includes Preva Net, which provides a wide variety of internet content and web browsing capabilities, and Preva Personal Accounts, which enables members to set a weekly goal, track their workouts and earn reward badges, for an all-round engaging and motivational workout. All of the Preva and P80 features have been designed to help exercisers achieve their desired fitness goals by ensuring they have both an effective and engaging fitness experience.

Of leisure@cheltenham’s newly attracted members, 87% have said they are so impressed with the CV equipment that they are more likely to renew their membership, too. And nine in 10 of their members agree, or strongly agree, that the new Precor equipment adds to the value for money they get from their gym membership.

Preva demonstration

Sell yourself…

Preva demonstration

In an increasingly crowded and ever more diverse marketplace, attracting new members through the door is becoming continually more challenging. Gyms need to go the extra mile to sell their proposition to customers who are overwhelmed by choice. Independent research shows three quarters of exercisers get bored using CV equipment, and 82% would be more likely to feel motivated to workout if a gym had equipment that entertained them. Therefore, differentiating yourself in a saturated market with equipment that solves this problem while also keeping the member’s fitness objectives as the primary focus is one proven route to success. HealthGlo Fitness Club in Tasmania addressed this problem by choosing Precor’s 880 CV line with Preva.

The club saw a 70% increase in new membership sales in the first month after Preva installation. “I’ve not changed anything else in the gym or anything in our marketing strategy - all I’ve done is installed Preva, and it is just amazing the effect it has had,” said owner Andrew Keen.

Evidence has shown that Preva actively attracts new members to gyms. For example, Chalon Court Hotel in St Helens, England saw a 40% increase in membership since the networked 880 CV line was installed. At The Zoo Health Club in Hillsboro, America, owner Debbie Van Dyne faced stiff competition from nearby high technology companies like Nike and Intel. She feels Preva helped The Zoo to appear new and exciting to potential members. “Preva is a great selling feature for any facility,” she says. “Having the latest and greatest technology in fitness attracts new members.”

What’s more, at Spa & Sports Your Abiko in Japan, 90% of members said they felt Preva gave them better value for money, leading to increased referrals – another way to attract new members to your club. Whether it’s a way to attract new members for that all-important first look at your club, or a ‘closing tool’ for your sales team, Preva is the most proven networked fitness solution in the marketplace today. With more than 22,000 networked units and 70 million workouts recorded so far, Preva continues to help drive the key operator objectives of improving retention, attraction and secondary revenue generation.

“Preva is a great selling feature for any facility.”
—Debbie van Dyne, Zoo Health Club, Hillsboro, USA

Preva screen

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