A 95% increase in membership renewals…

Want to keep members coming back? Healthglo Tasmania saw this hike in its retention figures and so can you.

In December 2012, Andrew Keane became the first operator in Australia to install fitness equipment supplier Precor’s 880 line and fully-networked fitness solution, Preva, into his family-owned gym, Healthglo Fitness and Leisure. Just a year later, he has seen a huge spike in retention, with a 33% increase in renewals in January and a whopping 95% increase in February 2013, when compared to 2012.

Healthglo Three quarters of Healthglo’s members are now using Preva Personal Accounts, a function that enables them to set fitness goals, track progress, earn achievement reward badges and save favourite workouts. Keane believes giving members this personalised experience ensures they get the most out of every workout; motivating them to stick with achieving their long-term goals - and so his facility.

“As members achieve personal milestones they get badges, which seems a bit geeky but our members are actually talking a lot about their latest badge - it really is motivating them,” he says. “It’s not just a random ‘well done’ message at the end of a workout, but something that lets them know what they are achieving towards their goal. It’s also great that you can build your own workout and then replay it; personalising the actual workout itself is extremely powerful.”

“Cancellations reduced by 25% in the 12 months since Preva Personal Accounts was introduced.”
— Wellington Heath & Fitness, UK

Preva console

Keep them coming…

Research shows that retention is no longer just a case of providing a clean, well functioning gym. Members are increasingly demanding value-for-money facilities that differentiate themselves from the competition, and equipment that keeps them entertained while helping them better achieve their fitness goals. Preva is a powerful cloud-based suite of tools created to do just that, helping to make retention one less worry for operators.

Wellington Health & Fitness ClubAt Wellington Health and Fitness, in Berkshire in the UK, cancellations for the Total Body Gym have reduced by 25% in the 12 months since Preva Personal Accounts was introduced. “We’ve had lots of positive feedback from members who seem to love being able to track their progress. Preva is really helping us retain our membership,” says Paula Pocock, Manager Total Body Gym. Of the 2,500 strong membership base surveyed, 89% say they enjoy using the Personal Accounts feature and three quarters say it increases the likelihood of them completing their workout session.

LivingWell Health ClubsThere is also evidence of how Preva can be used to improve retention rates from Australia’s LivingWell Health Club, part of the Hilton Sydney. “In the past we used to sit down with a new member and write down their goals but now Preva does this for us, and keeps track of progress as well,” says Jerome Boadu, the Health Club Manager. “It’s helping members to challenge themselves as well as keeping their workouts interesting, which is key to them coming back to the gym. We’ve lost around 80 less members so far this year (2013) compared to the same time last year, so it’s clearly having an impact.”

Preva screen

Operators strive to provide members with a meaningful and personalised fitness experience to engage members so that they keep coming back. Preva by Precor is a proven networked fitness solution installed in 56 countries with more than 70 million workouts recorded so far. Exercisers with goals and a Preva Token workout on average 4 times more often than exercisers without goals or tokens, meaning that Preva continues to help drive the key operator objectives of improving retention, attraction and secondary revenue generation.

For more information on how Preva networked fitness can help your business, please Telephone 03334 149774, email info@precor.com or visit www.preva.com.