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Steve Shaw, a member at Wellington Health and Fitness Club in Berkshire, England, is a keen runner, an avid exerciser and a devotee of his Preva Personal Account, a feature that is part of Preva, the industry’s first open platform networked fitness solution.

Steve has been using Preva Personal Accounts since last year. He logs in with a simple touch of an RFID-enabled wristband, and can then set a goal and track his progress. His target was to clock 35km a week and run 1,500km between Easter 2013 and 2014. Despite being diagnosed with bowel cancer in March, aged just 45, Steve completed this goal the day before having major surgery.

“You’re never too young, or too fit, for cancer; it can happen to anyone at any time. Being able to use Preva to set achievable goals throughout my treatment has certainly helped me cope,” says Steve. “Exercise and setting goals is essential to my recovery – cancer is a slow battle and it’s a case of increasing my stamina little by little. I find mentally it really helps me to monitor my times and see the distance increase as I gradually improve. My new aim is to cover 35km a week on various bits of Precor cardio equipment – last week I managed 23km, so I am getting there!”

Preva console

Keeping track

Research shows that setting and tracking a weekly goal using Preva Personal Accounts with RFID access can help users to work out, up to six times more often than those without. Preva Personal Accounts allows your members to set up their own fitness profile on networked P80 consoles, providing a personalised workout and entertainment experience. Exercisers earn fun badges for achieving key milestones and reaching their goals. Badges are designed to reward for small achievements and keep exercisers motivated during the beginning and throughout their fitness journey. Your members can also save their favourite workouts in order to do them again another time, without any manual adjustments of the machines required.


Ken Noye success

Ken Noye is another example of how Preva can help improve your members’ experience by ensuring they achieve results. The 35-year-old father of three is a member at Anytime Fitness in Port Melbourne, Australia. He lost 30kg in just six months. “The key to my results is definitely Preva and the Preva Mobile App,” he says. “It clearly shows me how many calories I have burnt and I know what I have to do to reach my weekly goals. By also showing me what I have achieved, it pushes me to do more each week.”

Preva Mobile is a mobile phone app that helps exercisers track all their activity, even when they are away from your club. Available from the iTunes Store and Google Play, the app has already been downloaded in 115 countries and 92% of users have accessed Preva Mobile multiple times. Rohan Kallicharan, a dedicated user, says: “I love using the Preva App ... it’s a constant reminder of when I need to train harder or even ease off. Little milestones are a fun addition, and I was a touch surprised to see that I have logged 1,004 miles in training in 142 hours over the 156 days on which I have trained. Hard work gets results!”

Preva is the most proven networked fitness solution in the marketplace today. With more than 28,000 networked units and 100 million workouts recorded so far, Preva continues to help drive the key operator objectives of improving their customers’ experience and, in doing so, keeping them.

Wellington Health and Fitness UK member survey

50% of exercisers say Preva encourages them to reach their weekly goals and complete each workout.

72% of members said Preva encouraged them to complete their workout session

Anytime Fitness Ormeau, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

In a 12-week challenge tracked using Preva, participants lost 197 kg in weight collectively and the winner burnt 130,000 calories. The runner up lost a staggering 21 kilograms and burned 100,000 calories.

Of exercisers at University of East London (UEL) SportsDock

  • 81% are more likely to complete workout sessions
  • 75% say Preva gives more focus on what they want to achieve
  • 69% said Preva encourages them to reach their weekly goal


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