Use Preva® to Revolutionise the Networked Fitness Experience

Learn how Preva® can be used by both fitness facility staff and club members to achieve their goals through personalised, cloud-based software.

As an operator, Preva appeals to me because it gives our customers maximum feedback during their workout. It enables me and my marketing team to maximise exposure of our services and our facilities to our customers whilst they are working out to maximize the business as a whole.
As a marketing manager, Preva is an extremely easy-to-use tool. I can use it, my staff can use it, and fitness instructors can use it. It’s that simple to use.
It’s quick. It’s efficient and it takes a lot of work off my plate.
Preva has helped us with intelligence about how the machines are being used by our customers. Preva is fundamental through our tours with perspective members, when we are taking them around the centre. We can really enhance their experience by showing them what Preva can give to them.
Preva has been brilliant! It helped us to market to new people and in a direct comparison, we found that marketing through Preva has had a better response rate from our members than online, newsletters or anything similar, so it’s been very, very helpful.
Preva helps to differentiate from our competitors by being unique to our facility. It’s competitive out there so customers are looking for added value and Preva gives us added value.
Preva helped me as an instructor. Basically when I’m working with my clients, it’s been really good to sign them up and get them to create their own account. And it just keeps them motivated and gives them something to work towards. Say for example, I want them to do three workouts this week and they have got a bit more of an incentive.
First impressions of Preva have been really good. You log in and everything so far has been really easy to use.
I think the main thing that members love about Preva is the achievements that you get as part of your personal account. So the fact that you can see if you have covered the distance of the Great Wall of China or if you have done a certain climb. It’s just an extra feature to their workouts.
Most members I find push themselves to whatever goal they have set themselves and it gives them that extra push and makes them work a bit harder. It makes the whole experience a little bit more enjoyable and a little bit personal, just because they have access to their own personal account rather than just getting on a machine and pressing go!
I used Preva to set up a gym challenge because I know that most people want to burn calories so the idea of the gym challenge is that over the whole month, it’s who can burn the most calories. It gives new members a chance to get on the equipment and existing members a challenge to go for.
One of the main points for me with the Preva system is the application for mobile phones. They can track their progress not only when they are in the gym but when they are at home, if they go out for a run, if they are doing gardening, whatever it is – football, any sports. That all goes into their weekly or monthly goal.
What I would say to members that want to join up and have a Preva account is yes, do it. They can’t get a better package than what they would get with this.
My first impression of Preva is that the interface was really easy to use. It’s quite colourful. It comes straight at you and it has a few big buttons coming at you to sign in and just get ready for your workout. It’s really good.
Registering for a Preva account was really simple. It took about 10 seconds. I put in my email address, created a password and that was it.
When I saw that first 5K achievement on Preva, I felt motivated to keep going. I find the rewarding messages very motivational, knowing that I have done the length of Kilimanjaro for example. It was very rewarding.
I would recommend Preva to friends because I know that a lot of them have trouble sometimes, setting themselves goals in the gym and finding motivation to use cardio equipment. I think it would really push them on.
I use the Preva App just to double check the calories that I have lost to make sure it’s actually true.