Best Practices for Preva

There are many ways to utilise Preva tools and features. To help save you some time with trial and error, we've pulled together some of the best tips and tricks to help you be successful.

MyUI™ Getting Started Guide for Operators

Customize Networked Consoles with Your Brand

Available on the dashboard of Preva Business Suite, MyUI is a suite of tools that allow you to easily extend your facility’s branding to the walk-up screens appearing on networked Experience™ Series 880, 860, 780, and 760 lines of cardio equipment. The Getting Started Guide makes it easy in seven simple steps. Use MyUI today and let your brand shine through.

Exerciser Activity Report Best Practices for Operators

Exerciser Activity Report
Analyse and Learn to Engage Exercisers

Available on the dashboard of Preva Business Suite, the Exerciser Activity Report is your key to understanding how your exercisers interact with Preva. From usage to fitness totals, you have the opportunity to learn more about your exercisers, and keep them engaged. The more engaged your exercisers, the more they come back.

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Exerciser Activity Report Best Practices for Trainers

Exerciser Activity Report
Using Data to Understand, Motivate and Train

Preva is a great tool to help establish consistent training habits, provide well-rounded programming, and create a community for your clients. Preva Accounts give clients the ability to track workouts and reporting features give you the opportunity to monitor their progress.

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Preva Accounts Best Practices

Preva Best Practices
Keeping Members Engaged and Coming Back with Personalised and Goal-Focused Experiences

Preva Personalised Accounts provides your exercisers with a personalised workout that engages, motivates them to stick with their workout programme and keep visiting your facility. With a Preva account, your exercisers set up their own fitness profile on networked P80 consoles, set and track weekly workout goals, receive fun achievement badges, and save their favourite workouts for replay later. With the Preva Mobile Application, Preva Accounts extends your members' experience beyond your facility so that your members can track fitness activities while on the go.

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Workout Messages Best Practices

Workout Messages Best Practices
Engaging Exercisers with Powerful Messaging Tools

In-workout messages allow you, as an operator, to communicate your message directly to your exercisers, right on the P80 console. Designed to help you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, in-workout messages can be tailored to reach your exercisers at peak times within your facility.

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Facility Feeds Best Practices

RSS Feeds Best Practices
Engaging with Exercisers through Powerful Messaging Tools

Facility Feeds reside on the Preva Net panel of a networked P80 console and appear under "Club Feeds". Much like web RSS feeds, this feature allows your members to view a collection of customised articles in one location. Create and deliver high-impact information direct to the P80 console that is easy for in-motion exercisers to consume and enhances their membership experience. What better way to capture busy, plugged-in exercisers than while they are focused and using your equipment.

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Preva Business Suite Best Practices

Best Practices for Preva Business Suite
Managing your Business with Powerful Equipment Optimisation Tools

With your networked Precor equipment, you now have access to Preva Business Suite, a central web portal where you can observe and manage all Experience™ Series networked equipment, as well as communicate directly with your exercisers. Through Preva Business Suite, Precor technicians can also help diagnose problems, keep track of software versions, and make sure your networked equipment is always current. Having networked Precor equipment and Preva Business Suite allows Precor to push remote software updates to each unit, eliminating the need for paid installers to come out and update your equipment, decreasing costs and downtime.

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