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Precor has ready-made templates and documents to market Preva in your facility.

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  1. Implementation Checklist 
  2. In Club Posters 
  3. Log-in Reminder Card 
  4. ‘Fitness in your own hands’ Tour Guide 
  5. Milestone Rewards Materials 
  6. Preva Champions Materials 
  7. 30-Day Start Up Programme 
  8. Preva Staff Competition Materials 
  9. Staff Team Challenge Leaflet 
  10. Training Guides 
  11. Digital Resources 
  12. Club Feed Starter Pack 
  13. How to use Blogger

Preva Contest Guide

Preva Contest Guide
This is your complete guide to four Preva Contests to use in your facility.

With the help of the Exerciser Activity Report in Preva Business Suite, you can run exciting and motivating contests that incorporate and promote Preva Personal Accounts. Contests are a great way to increase Preva adoption, engage with exercisers, and create a strong community within your facility. They will help you in connecting Preva to full facility offerings for your exercisers. Use contests to get new exercisers involved with your facility, and to keep existing exercisers engaged and motivated.

To continue reading, check out our Preva Contest Guide

Preva Token Datasheet

Preva Token Datasheet

The Preva Token, a cornerstone of the Preva system, makes it easy and effortless for exercisers to log in to their Preva Account and immediately get their workout started. Preva Account holders who have set a goal and use a Preva Token to sign in work out more than 4 times as often as those without a goal and RFID token. What does this mean for you as the operator? More frequent visits keep exercisers engaged and coming back, leading to increased retention and thus additional revenue.

To continue reading, check out our guide on the Preva Token Datasheet

Guide to Communicating with your Exercisers

Precor P80 Console RSS Feeds
Keep in Touch with your Members During Their Workouts

Discover how to benefit from your Club Feeds and Message Manager.

The 'Club Feeds' feature located on the Preva Net panel of networked P80 consoles enables you to provide content direct to your members. You can deliver news, information and club promotions to help keep members informed and entertained. You can even use the feeds to help drive additional revenue for your club's services.

Message Manager allows you to add high-impact, customisable and targeted messages that appear right on the exerciser's console.

To continue reading, check out our Guide to Communicating with Your Members

Email Templates

Preva Facility Email Template

Custom email templates are available to promote Preva with your exercisers. Pick from a variety of templates that cover all the major features of Preva, and upload them to your email system. This way, exercisers know about Preva before they even get to your facility.

To learn more, check out our Email Templates

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