Getting Started with Preva

If Preva is new for your facility, chances are you are looking for the best ways to get off to a great start. Here are a few quick steps to take to make sure you are in a good starting position. Next, visit our Training page for e-learning modules.

Step 1: Log into Preva Business Suite
Every few weeks log in to PBS to check on your equipment, update messaging, run the Exerciser Activity Report, and refresh facility feeds. You should have received login information via email at the time your order was placed. If not, please contact your sales representative.

Step 2: Sign your team up for training
Interactive training modules are available to help implement and educate your team on Preva.

Tip - Once your staff is initially trained, schedule periodic training sessions to keep your staff up to speed.

Step 3: Market Preva in your Facility
In-club collateral, email templates and how-to guides are readily available to help promote Preva in your facility. View a list of resources here.

Step 4: Preva Tokens!
Increase usage and engagement through quick Preva Account access through RFID-enabled Preva Tokens. Data shows that exercisers with a token and goals work out on average 4x more often, which can lead to more engagement opportunities and increased retention.

Learn more about the Token here.

Step 5: Preva for new exercisers
Wrap Preva into all new exerciser orientations and tours. Create a Preva account for each new member and help them set goals, associate a Preva Token with their account, and download the Preva Mobile app. The app is a great way to speed this process up. Staff can help exercisers create an account away from the cardio equipment, and it will be immediately available on the P80 console.

Tip - The mobile app is a great way to keep track of workouts outside your facility so that when exercisers return, they are still on track towards their goals.


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