On Demand Training

To help you maximise the benefits of your Precor networked fitness equipment, we have developed multiple training solutions for you and your staff.

Self-Paced Courses

Our self-paced online courses allow you to learn about Preva Business Suite at a time that best fits your schedule.

Exerciser Achievements
Celebrate Exerciser Achievement

One of the key features of Preva® Personal Accounts is celebrating exerciser achievement with the badges. The fun reward system allows exercisers to earn achievement badges for time exercised, distance accumulated, calories burned, and workouts completed. The badges are designed to engage, motivate, and encourage exercisers to continue to exercise and achieve their fitness goals. Learn more by viewing this interactive self-paced module.

Preva Buisness Suite
Manage Your Cardio Equipment

Preva Business Suite provides you with detailed information about your equipment usage. Learn how to interpret the reports to manage your equipment. Monitor real-time status of your equipment anywhere that there is an internet connection. Read about best practices using Preva Business Suite.

Workout Messages
Create Custom Messages

Learn how to send custom messages to your networked fitness equipment. Advertise your products and services via the welcome message, workout message and facility feeds. Review best practices about how other facilities are using workout messages and facility feeds.

Personal Preva Accounts
Create Personal Accounts

Discuss the benefits of personal accounts with your exercisers. Learn how to link Preva Tokens to the exerciser’s account. Engage and motivate exercisers through personal accounts and the Preva Mobile app. Click here to learn more about the Preva Mobile App.

Precor Exerciser Activity
Monitor Exercisers' Activity

Monitor exerciser engagement on your networked fitness equipment. Identify exercisers who may be interested in a particular fitness class. Determine exercisers who do not have goals or an RFID associated with their Preva Personal Account. Use the report to engage exercisers by holding contests. Read about common questions and answers asked about the Exerciser Activity Report.

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