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Preva FAQs

Preva FAQs

At Precor we believe that the best way to improve service is to reduce the need for it. The Preva FAQs will guide you through common questions regarding general P80 support, the P80 tuner and channel scan, web browser, Preva Business Suite accounts, monitoring, operation and reporting, as well as Preva Net feeds. There is also a link to contact our Service team directly for help. You can download this document and save it to your computer, or print it to share with others.

Click for a downloadable version of our Preva FAQ to print.

Preva Exerciser Activity Report FAQ


The Exerciser Activity Report is a report within Preva Business Suite that allows you to see what Preva exercisers are doing in your facility. We are confident that you will find the Exerciser Activity Report easy to use but here are some frequently asked questions to assist you. Use this document to guide you through running the report, how to understand and use the data, exporting the data into Microsoft(r) Excel for more advanced sorting, and see what is included in the data.

Click for a downloadable version of our Preva Exerciser Activity Report FAQ to print.

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