What is Networked Fitness?

Networked Fitness is the connection of technology and people that empowers the fitness journey, providing exercisers with the tools and experiences to reach and achieve their goals. Networked fitness technologies also help facility operators to better manage their business with solutions that help drive revenue, increase retention and provide enhanced equipment management
Technology has dramatically changed our lives and has become the underlining element of our day to day activities at work and home. Technology and the internet have combined to become the essential backbone of everything from global commerce and security to the distribution of entertainment and communication.   
Now this powerful combination comes to fitness and Precor is leading the industry in adopting it with PrevaTM.   Preva is the Precor solution into networked fitness that gives you tools to manage your facility and your exercisers exciting new experiences to enhance their workout.
The integration of networking technology in fitness equipment comes at a time when the World Health Organisation estimates that worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980, with more than 500 million men and women considered obese worldwide. Just as technology and the internet has transformed many areas of our lives, it now promises to transform workout experiences to better motivate people to begin and continue a fitness journey that can last a lifetime.