Preva™ Net

Give Your Members A Personalised Fitness Experience

For years, cardio equipment has provided exercisers a typical lineup of entertainment options while working out: watch TV or listen to music.  With Preva™ Net, your members now will get an enhanced fitness experience that entertains and informs, making their workout more fun and productive.
Preva Net, delivers a wide variety of internet content carefully selected to give your members access to popular topics such as fitness and health, news, sports, technology, business, and more, all delivered in a format designed specifically for the in-motion exerciser.  
An added bonus:  Preva Net allows your members to access the internet!  Now they can go ahead and read an email, view an interesting website or even update their Facebook status about the great workout that they've just completed.   
Preva Net will motivate exercisers to reach their fitness goals because it means the end of boredom, delivering the type of content that keeps them engaged and entertained.