3 Ways Spinning® Classes Can Help You Generate More Revenue

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3 Ways Spinning® Classes Can Help You Generate More Revenue

Offering Spinning® classes as a supplementary fee-based option in your fitness facility is an excellent way to pump up your exercisers, while also bringing in some valuable extra revenue to your facility.

Yet, as usually happens with most group exercise classes, workout routines can grow stale, results will plateau, and exercisers will get bored if variability and fun changes aren’t implemented into the classes on a regular basis. This makes it hard to continue charging for a class that exercisers don’t see the value in paying for. It is also hard to stay up to date with the most recent class trends and programs, while trying to maintain your business. Fortunately when you are a certified Spinning® facility, you can rely on a wide breadth of program support to keep a differentiated indoor cycling offering.

Spinning® offers a variety of programming for official Spinning® facilities that will help expand instructors’ knowledge and expertise when it comes to leading heart-pumping, high-intensity workouts. Read on to find out three ways your Spinning® instructors can keep their classes fresh.

8-Week Programs

There are three 8-week programs that Spinning® offers for instructors who are looking for a fun way to invigorate their classes:

  • Weight Loss Program – With this program, instructors and exercisers will be focusing on more than just losing weight. It helps participants get fit by developing a healthy lifestyle through keeping track of nutrition, Spinning® rides, and other exercises.
  • Grand Tour Program – Exercisers will experience what it’s like to compete as a world class athlete! They’ll learn how to take on hills and sprints, train for endurance, and complete the race as part of a team, regardless of fitness level and ability.
  • Performance Program – Instructors will take workouts to the next level with this program that will gives the tips and tricks needed to build exercisers’ cardio, strength, and flexibility routines. By maximizing training, they’ll see great results.

These programs can be learned by the instructor and then taught in Spinning® classes around the world. Each one contains the option to buy the program as a kit for ten participants. Depending on class size, the price you charge participants, what you pay your instructor, and the number of times you offer each 8-week program per year, you can earn a sizable profit.

For example, by offering just one of these Spinning® 8-week programs to 20 participants, four times per year, you might easily generate more than £5,300 in secondary revenue. Even better, offer all three programs, four times per year, and you’ve earned £17,400!

See one example of how this could work for your facility:

  Revenue Expenses Net Income
Number of participants Price per participant Gross Revenue Your cost for Kit(s) Suggested Program Leader Fee Total Cost for programme Net Income per 8 week programme Annual Net income
10 £75 £750 £303 £22 £485 £266 £1067
£113 £1130 £303 £22 £485 £646 £2587
20 £75 £1500 £606 £22 £789 £716 £2864
£113 £2260 £606 £22p £789 £1476 £5905

Continuing Education

Certified instructors can advance their coaching techniques, keep current with the latest in health and exercise science news, and earns SPIN continuing education credits (CECs) by attending Spinning® continuing education workshops, completing online courses, and attending conference sessions.

By always being up-to-date in Spinning® skills and health knowledge through Spinning® CECs, Spin® instructors will be able to offer exercisers and clients the refreshing opportunity to try something new. From special climbing rides to intense sprints, and heart rate training to weight loss expertise, there will be a Spin® class that will pique your exercisers’ interests, making them eager to return to your facility for more Spinning® workouts.

Global Rides

When it comes to global rides, it doesn’t matter what language instructors speak or what their fitness ability is. These events, held in places such as Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and Egypt, give Spinning® instructors from around the world a chance to get together, bond, and learn new styles of teaching.

Having a global perspective on a fitness trend that is well-loved worldwide gives instructors the chance to really share their passion for Spinning® and the Spinning® community with their classes. Motivating lectures and workshops at global rides give instructors the chance to earn CECs, further boosting their repertoire and passion as a valued Spinning® instructor.

By incorporating these fun programs into your Spinning® instructors’ plans, your exercisers will feel motivated to continue attending their favorite Spin® classes, a class that brings them a sense of accomplishment and belonging to a community. 

Gear Up Your Gym

How can you make this happen in your facility? 

Start by checking out the Spinner® Rally, our best-in-class model that is sure to please exercisers and staff alike, or contact a Precor sales representative to find out more today.

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